What Makes Eric Wetlaufer a Successful Attorney

Ever since we were back in Wesson school as kids I knew Eric Wetlaufer would make a great attorney, he always loved to argue and debate and he would hate losing, even at a young age. What I could never have foreseen however was just how successful he would go on to be and these days he use widely considered something of a star attorney. Over the years Eric has represented some huge companies such as Fidelity and he has become something of a serial winner in the majority of the cases that he has been involved in. If you have dreams of being an attorney this is someone who you can certainly learn from and here is what I believe makes him great.


Man of The People


Eric never set out to be some mega rich attorney and it was always his dream to ensure that everyone gets a fair trial. I am not sure that he has ever declined a case and he has always represented men and women who were being oppressed or unfairly treated. Many lawyers will start working for a company with money on their mind but Eric was always about justice, and he still is.




Because of the love for the law which Eric had he was always going to be able to find success within this industry and that is a passion which has never wavered. Even after 30 years of working as an attorney you can clearly see that Eric loves what he does and he is highly passionate about the legal system and how it works.




Eric never really stopped studying after he left law school and whenever he doesn’t have a case you will find him with his head in a book, reviewing old cases or learning about new legislation and literature. Eric told me that he doesn’t want the legal world to pass him by and that is why he is always so keen to make sure that he stays sharp with regards to what is happening in the world of law.


People Skills


Everything is a business these days and that includes the world of an attorney and they must be able to sell their services and keep the clients happy, as well as getting the result that they want in court. Eric has always been very good at speaking with people of all ages and from all backgrounds and he has been able to use this skill in order to please his clients, not to mention the fact that he usually wins.




And finally I will take it back to the beginning and talk about Eric’s incredible ability to win an argument. The way that Eric speaks in terms of his tone, rhythm and pace, the points he makes, the way that he makes an argument relatable to your life, all of these attributes are what enables him to argue well and this is how he is able to convince so many juries that he is right.


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