eTargetMedia Reviews – How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business to Grow

I must confess that I up until a couple of years ago I knew very little about digital marketing and it wasn’t until I expressed my concerns to my nephew about how my business here in Coconut Creek was doing that he told me I should learn more about it. And so I checked out some online companies and after reading the eTargetMedia reviews I decided to speak with the team and see what ideas they had for me to move forward with. I very quickly learned an awful lot about email marketing and buy goodness what an impact it had on business. Coconut Creek,Florida  is hardly a hotbed of activity but shortly after the campaign began I saw everything go from strength to strength. If you are as in the dark as I was, here are some ways that email marketing can help your business.


Connect With Target Market


The people who you will be emailing will be the people who are already interested in a business like yours and who will likely be interested in what you are sending them. This not only helps you to drive more sales but it can also ensure that your company name stays in their mind.


Brand Recognition


Building a brand is so crucial to real success in business and email marketing can certainly help you to do that. When the email is received it will have your business name and your brand logo on it which can help your audience to identify you very easily. Even if the email is instantly deleted, the impression will still have been made.




A newsletter can help your clients to keep up with your business and educate them of any changes which you may be planning. The newsletter will also be able to inform your client of new products and services, as well as speaking about any promotions which are coming up.


Streams of Income


You can use your emails to promote affiliate sales which can help you to add new streams of income to your overall revenue. I teamed up with another small business here in Coconut Creek and we have seen some great reaction to our  email marketing so far.


Return on Investment


A recent study found that for every $1 invested in email marketing a business can make $44 back! In my view this is possibly on the high side but the real figure will not be too far away from that which means that your business is missing out on a huge opportunity if it doesn’t invest in email marketing.


Email marketing formed arguably the most beneficial aspect of my overall marketing strategy and when I speak to new clients and ask them why they came into the store, many of them will tell me that they received an email and were interested, or that a friend had and then referred them, it really works!

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