Michelle Marquez Changing The Face Of The Stock Market

It is no surprise to anyone reading this that we have more equality than we veer have had before and there are women working in a huge range of industries which were once dominated by men. The reason for this is because of women like Michelle Marquez, trailblazers who followed their heart and their dreams, and as a result were able to forge a path for many others. I am lucky to be good friends with Michelle Marquez and we studied law together at university. Even back then it was her dream to follow in her father’s footsteps and work for a law group within the stock market.  Back in those days there were very few women working in this industry and now we can see women in securities, arbitration and fraud prevention, but it wasn’t always this way.




In the first couple of months that Michelle Marquez was working in the industry she was subjected to a lot of sexist abuse which these days people simply wouldn’t put up with, unfortunately back then it was a case of ‘it goes with the territory’. I can remember many evenings where she would be upset by this abuse.


Hard Work


Something else which many people fail to realize is that during those days, she had to work twice as hard as the men in order to prove that she belonged there. Nobody ever said this directly of course but she knew fine well that if she wasn’t able to perform as well as the men, they would immediately put it down to the fact that she was a woman. I can remember Michelle Marquez working so many hours during her first few years at the law group and she was so dedicated to prove everyone wrong.


Old Boys Club


During her early years on Wall Street Michelle Marquez knew that the stock market in general needed to be cleaned up but she was constantly facing roadblocks when she was looking for justice. A misplaced document here and there or being told to forget about something was commonplace during those days and so much was just swept under the rug. Thankfully that has now changed and it is thanks to the integrity of people like Michelle Marquez that we have been able to weed out the wrongdoers in the industry.




Finally Michelle impressed so much that she was given a leadership position which she used to bring through some more females into the business. Of course these were women who were the best people for the job, she didn’t simply hire women for their gender. As a result of this, we gradually started to see more and more females entering into industries like this and although she would never admit it herself, Michelle Marquez really helped to change the face of the stock market and helped women to feel comfortable here.

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