Corporate and Non Profit Leaders: Similar or Very Different

Management roles in the business and nonprofit sectors may seem very similar on the surface. Leaders in both fields are setting goals, managing teams, juggling finances, and riding the waves of changing market conditions and technology. But there are distinct differences in leadership roles between the two types of operations. Unique Challenges Each sector grapples

How Your Small Business Can Compete in a Global Market

One of the biggest advantages for businesses today is how easy it is to compete with larger, more established companies. Thanks to the internet and advances in technology, it’s even possible for businesses to compete on a more global scale. The question is, how can your small business compete in a global market? Below you’ll

Is Technology a Mixed Bag for Healthcare Companies?

Economic worrywarts like to paint technology as some omnipotent force of disruption: a metaphorical Terminator, methodically hunting down and snuffing out jobs, processes, entire industries. There’s plenty of reason to be worried about the human impacts of technological advancement, particularly as computers get better at handling tasks once reserved for humans. But that doesn’t mean