Are your employees putting sensitive company information at risk?

A rhetorical question if ever there was one, because despite your best efforts, recent research has shown that the majority of employees are regularly putting sensitive company information at risk.   The research, conducted by a provider of secure file transfer solutions, has shown that a terrifying number of employees are exposing corporate data to

How the Cloud Helps People Stay Organized

Technology has continued to evolve in positive ways, offering solutions to work away from the home or office without losing any documentation. The cloud is one of those solutions. There are a number of applications that promote organization, productivity and efficiency when using the cloud. The cloud has become the number one option for storage,

The Amazing Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

One of the great technological advances of recent times is how far we’ve come in cloud computing. Once businesses would have had to store all their software and information on physical servers and other hardware. But now that’s not necessary. In simple terms, cloud computing is computing that’s internet-based. There are many benefits to businesses

Have You Got What It Takes To Become A Motorcycle Courier?

Every day millions of us rely on couriers to deliver urgent documents and parcels to others around the world. The courier industry is one that relies on various processes to operate as planned. That is a strict need so that couriers can guarantee a time-definite service.   The industry relies on timed deliveries to make