8 Secret Ways To Win More Clients Next Year

If you ask any businessman in the world, he will tell you that he is always striving for new clients. If you ask him how, though you might find that even he has no idea. Wanting new clients and getting new clients are two different things. It is obvious that everybody wants new business for their company, but many businessmen are lazy when it comes to chasing them. You need to make a genuine effort to chase new clients all the time. The only way you can expand your business is by working hard to develop a solid business plan. The new year is an ideal time for a new start. When 2015 rolls around, everybody has a chance to reinvent themselves and their business. If you want to meet new clients and convince them to work with you, you need a plan. Here are eight secret ways to win more clients in 2015.

1. Send your existing clients Christmas gifts


The first step to winning new clients is appreciating your existing clients. You should never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. If you give your clients something special this year, they will tell their friends about it. Forget sending your clients tacky Christmas cards. Every company sends their clients Christmas cards. You want to be different. You want to stand-out. Send your clients something special or take them for a fancy meal. It might cost your company money, but it will make you money in the long-run. Whatever you do for your clients, you need to ensure that it is memorable. Make their gift something that they will want to talk about at other business occasions. The more people who hear your name in a positive way, the more business you can win.


2. Create a new business partnership


Partnerships can sound intimidating when you first hear about the idea. Sometimes businessmen don’t like the notion of setting up a partnership. They believe that having a partnership dilutes their current brand. If anything, the opposite is true. When you partner with a successful company; you strengthen your company image. You can reach new markets through your partnership and find new clients for your business. Look for a partnership that will be mutually beneficial so that everybody wins.


3. Humanize your company


People don’t buy into businesses; they buy into people. A faceless business looks cold and unapproachable. When you humanize your business, you make it more familiar to potential clients. If you don’t already have a figurehead for your company, you should work on creating one. Your company figurehead doesn’t always have to be you. You can use somebody in your business as your figurehead instead. You need to choose somebody who people can relate to. When your business has a face, you can use that in your advertising and media. Clients are much more inclined to approach a business figurehead than the business itself.


4. Work on defining your audience


You likely already have a target market, but can you do more? When you define your target audience, you need to make sure that you define specific terms. Choosing an age range, and a gender is a start, but you need to go deeper than that. You need to know who your perfect customer is. What do they do? What are their interests? What car do they drive? Spend a day mocking up an image of your perfect customer. Define everything about them. When you know who your customer is, you can target them directly.


5. Sell your story


Do you have a story about your business? A great way to get free advertising for your company is to sell your story. For example, if something original has happened within your business, you need to let the press know about it. Few businesses reach out to the press. They think that the press and media are their enemies. Using the press to your advantage is a simple way to win clients for your company. People trust companies who they know. If clients hear about your company in the news all the time, they will want to work with you. If you hire twenty new staff members next year, write up a press release and send it out to the press. The media love writing about business expansion and the local economy. If you can do a journalist’s job for them and give them a free story, they will love it.


6. Change your location


If you have exhausted all you options in your area, it might be time for a move. Changing your location is a straightforward way to win new clients as you will enter into a new market. That means that you give your business a new lease of life for 2015. Relocating your business might sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Look at some properties on regus.co.uk to see whether any suit your needs.


7. Host an exclusive party


If there is one thing that people love, it’s special treatment. When people think that they are special, they will do almost anything. If you invite a load of potential clients to an ‘exclusive’ event, you flatter them. Remember, flattery will get you everywhere in this world. Start planning an exclusive event next year. Rather than inviting everybody in your area, target specific companies. Look for companies who you would want to work with and invite them.


8. Consider a 2015 relaunch


If your business has no personality, it is time for a relaunch. The new year is an ideal time to relaunch and rebrand your business. You might want to coincide your exclusive event with your relaunch. Start thinking of ways to revamp your existing business. Go for a young, forward-thinking vibe for your business so that you can ensure it is a success. If you are not sure where to start, you can consult an expert for some advice. Sometimes it is good to change things up a little. People may have forgotten who you are, and so you need to make sure that they remember.


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