Simple Business Ideas That Leave You Free To Do Other Things

Are you looking for a business idea that has the potential to yield significant profits without taking up too much of your time? Do you like the thought of being semi-retired while still earning a good wage? Then you’ve come to the right place folks. We spent the last couple of weeks researching lots of different concepts in the hope of identifying those that don’t need too much commitment. Reading through our suggestions could help to spark your imagination. It could also educate you about some of the best-part-automated income streams you could tap.


Property Market


Making a living from the property market is much simpler than you might imagine. So long as you have enough cash to invest in making a purchase, the rest is pretty easy. You just have to make a decision between buying and selling, and buying at renting. Of course, you could also earn a living by purchasing land and building new homes just like David Liechtenstein. However, that will require a lot more time and commitment than the other options. For that reason, you should stick to buying and renting if you want lots of time free to spend with the family, etc.


Affiliate Marketing


While most people have little understanding of affiliate marketing, it’s a fantastic way of earning an extra automated income. All you need is a website that generates a lot of traffic. You then sign up to an affiliate network, install their codes and sit back. Advertisers from around the world with relevant products or services will then start to appear in specific locations on your website. You get paid every time a sale is made after clicking one of your links. While the percentage you receive is only small, cents make dollars, right?


Dating Website


There are millions of single people all over the world looking for love, and most of them are more than willing to take their search online. Why do you think websites like eHarmony and UniformDating have been doing so well over the last few years? All you have to do is pay for a good designer to create a functional website, and then pay for some basic advertising. Absolutely everything about your site can be automated. Just make sure you charge an appealing subscription fee to ensure you make a good profit. Also, you can use the site for advertising too.


Art Dealership


If you’re a creative person, you could make a lot of money by dealing in art. Of course, you should do that online to limit the amount of commitment you need to give. The best way to earn a profit is to look for young, aspiring artists and sell their work via your website. Again, everything other than sending the good to customers can be automated. That means your days will be free to engage in more-enjoyable activities. Just make sure you don’t forget to make it to the post office before 5pm!


You should now have some fantastic business ideas that could keep your bank manager happy without spending more than a couple of hours each day working. We wish you the best of luck, whatever you decide to do.



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