When and Why to Appoint a Solicitor for an Injury Claim

Injury ClaimThe first thing you need to do after an accident is to seek medical aid and assistance. If the accident happened due to the negligence or fault of someone else, the question comes to the mind – do you have a claim to compensation? Here is a look at the ways in which a solicitor may help you find an answer to this in such a situation.

The first question is – do you even need a solicitor? If you are sure that the individual or organisation you are claiming against is the entity responsible for the accident, you may act on your own.

However, if you have even a hint of doubt in this regard, it is better to talk to a solicitor. This is also the right thing to do if you find it difficult to identify the entity responsible for the accident. You may also benefit from a legal consultation if you think that you were partially responsible for the accident.

The next step is to notify the individual or organisation you hold responsible for the accident, i.e., the defendant, about your intention to make an injury claim. The defendant, or his/her insurance company, may request for an early settlement.

For this, they may offer you a certain sum to compensate for your injuries and damages.  While you may handle the negotiation on your own, it may be a good idea to appoint a solicitor for the task. Moreover, the solicitor may also advise you about how much compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and damages.

If an early settlement does not work out, the next thing to do is make a claim to the Injuries Board Ireland. All claims that result from car accidents, workplace accidents and accidents that involve public utilities must be submitted to this authoritative body.

While it is not mandatory to appoint a solicitor for this step, you may find it advantageous to do so. The assessment of damages done by the Injuries Board is a document-based process. If you fail to complete the necessary paperwork and submit the right documents, you may end up with an inaccurate assessment.

The Injuries Board may not complete the assessment of damages if there is any legal point of dispute. For example, if the respondent does not admit liability for the accident, the Injuries Board may not be able to complete the assessment.

In such a circumstance, you may need to take the claim to the Court System. The solicitor becomes an indispensable part at this stage. While you may decide to handle the injury claim on your own at the previous stages, you need to appoint a solicitor once the claim reaches at this stage.

The second question is – when is the right time to appoint a solicitor? It is a good idea to engage a solicitor right from the beginning of the legal process. However, you may also opt for a no obligation consultation if you are not sure whether you need a solicitor.

While a number of online assessments are available to help you determine whether you have a claim for the injuries sustained in car crashes or slips trips and falls, it may be better to talk to a solicitor directly. Make sure the assessment is from a lawyer’s business, and not any agency. This ensures that the results of the assessment are trustworthy.

The next task is to arrange an appointment with a solicitor. You may get the initial consultation at no cost. If you think that the solicitor may be of help for the injury claim, you may appoint him/her for advice and guidance.

Daniel Smith is a professional writer. In this article he has given idea on personal injury law, in particular car accidents. The author is solely responsible for the views and images provided in the article.

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