Redecorating Your Office Might Be The Best Investment You Ever Make

When you’re running a business you probably don’t have time to consider the interior design of your offices. You’re too busy securing big clients and actually running the company. However, what if I told you that a poor interior design could negatively affect your worker’s job performance? Your employees are the heart of your business. When they work hard and passionately, your business thrives. When they don’t, it can sink the business.


The well being and morale of your workers is your most important consideration as a business. WIthout them, the company stops turning. It all starts with their working environment. You and your workers spend the best part of your day in the same office. So make it a comfortable and warm place to be. There’s a reason that Google offices are so wildly popular.

Improve morale and productivity


You need your employees to show up to work with energy and passion. You’ll get the best performance out of them when they’re happy and inspired. People are very influenced by their surroundings. If they work in a dull, grey office, they’ll become uninspired and slow. Keeping an energised worker base is key to your business.


Impress visitors and clients


The office is where you bring clients and other visitors. You may even have potential investors looking around. You’ll want to impress them with a warm and comfortable environment. Plus, it pays to show a personal side to your business. They’ll want to see happy, smiling employees passionately working away. A friendly and warm environment is the difference between your potential client saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


It doesn’t have to be expensive


Interior design isn’t rocket science. Plants are a great place to start. They bring a little nature into a dull office. The right lighting can make a huge difference. Get rid of bright strip lights and replace with softer, warmer alternatives. Change the colour scheme up with a lick of paint. You won’t believe the difference. A few comfortable velour chairs around the place will brighten the office up too. If you don’t know what velour is, imagine a plush, comfy chair! Cosy chairs make that 5 minute coffee break even sweeter.


Get the employees involved


Don’t take it all on yourself, get your workers involved. It’s their office too. They have to spend every day here, so let them have a say. They’ll love to be consulted and it takes some of the pressure off you. Let them bring some unused furniture from home. They’ll feel much more comfortable when their own things are dotted around the place. Let your employees make it their own. Let their imagination run wild!


You’ll be glad you took the time and effort to redesign the office. It might seem like a drag, but it’s one of the best investments you’ll make. A comfortable workforce is a productive one. Clients and investors will be impressed and instantly feel at home. They’ll be much more likely to invest in you if there’s a friendly and welcoming vibe. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, then do it for yourself! You need a comfortable place to work too. You’ll really notice the difference.

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