How to Capitalize on Cypriot Tax Regulation

According to the Business Report and World Bank, Cyprus is one of the few countries throughout the world in which the economy can actually offer a significant advantage to businesses. With its taxation system, friendly legislation, location, and membership to the Economic and Monetary Union and EU, foreign investors can access the EU market in

Is it Worth Using Special Courier Services When Sending Business Parcels?

  Does your business frequently send out parcels to its customers? If so, you may want to consider using special courier services. Ensuring your parcel not only reaches the customer quickly, but that it reaches them in perfect condition, can do wonders for your reputation and in turn, your profits. So what are special services

5 Hidden Costs in Your Mortgage Loan You Should Watch Out For

Applying for a loan can provide a temporary solution for those people facing a financial crunch. However, many people are being granted loans even without fully knowing what the inclusions for payment and the terms and conditions are, thus, exposing themselves to unnecessary risk. There are various loan products designed to cater to individual needs.

Should You Switch to an Annuity From Your Standard Retirement Plan?

Using annuities is a popular way of managing money in retirement, but are they for you? Used properly, an annuity can ensure you have guaranteed income for the remainder of your life. But if you use an annuity wrongly, you could lose access to a lot of your cash. Here are some things retirees should know