5 types of professionals your startup needs to succeed

During the first few weeks and months of business ownership, you might handle most tasks yourself or hire college kids to lend you a hand. After your startup gets off the ground and you have proof of concept, however, it’s time to staff the company with people who can help you reach the next level of business, whether by expanding your market share or increasing brand recognition. You can’t handle it all yourself, so fill these five important positions to set up your company for a bright and successful future. 

Head of Marketing

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Once you have an amazing product or service for your target market, you need a marketing expert to create visibility. No one will purchase a good or service unless he or she knows it exists. Marketing specialists conduct thorough research on your audience and its interests. Following social trends, these experts can craft your brand’s image so that it speaks to your target audience and convinces them to buy. Your company needs a sense of identity to gain customer loyalty. It’s what turns a product or service from an unknown quantity into a household name

Administrative Assistant

As your business grows, administrative minutiae will grow exponentially, and you won’t have time to take care of it all yourself. Emails and phone calls will increase, supplies will run out and need to be replenished, and clients and customers alike will need to get in touch with you. Simply put, there will be more work than you can handle alone. An administrative assistant can take the edge off by creating organized daily itineraries, prioritizing weekly tasks for other team members, and responding to all urgent communications.

IT Manager

An IT manager will prove vital, because no business can run without technology in today’s world. He or she will take care of your computer infrastructure, from hardware to software, and resolve any downtime issues or website complications. He or she can also help you choose the best cloud security software so that you’re more protected.

Social Media Manager

Now that social media outlets are a daily part of our lives, you’ll need a candidate who can handle all the tweets, statuses, and Flashback Friday posts your business will make to stay relevant. Marketing specialists handle the crafting and tactics of the outreach process, but you’ll also need a social media manager who knows how and when to implement certain strategies. 

Human Resource Manager

A human resource manager ensures that all employer-to-employee laws get followed to avoid any legal troubles you could face as a business owner. This person should also have a close relationship with all employees so that your workers feel comfortable expressing any concerns before little problems become potentially larger issues. He or she will also hire, fire, and train employees. 

It’s an exciting time to start a new business, and now that you are in a position to make the first move, make it confidently by cultivating the perfect team. Hire these five types of professionals and watch your business grow.

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