Is it Worth Using Special Courier Services When Sending Business Parcels?


Does your business frequently send out parcels to its customers? If so, you may want to consider using special courier services. Ensuring your parcel not only reaches the customer quickly, but that it reaches them in perfect condition, can do wonders for your reputation and in turn, your profits. So what are special services and how can they help?

Understanding special courier services

These days, couriers offer a wide range of services. There is no set parcel delivery service anymore. Instead, you have numerous options open to you including:

  • Next day
  • Confidential
  • Fragile
  • Out of hours

These are just some of the options available. As many transactions these days are carried out online at any time of day or night, the need for special delivery services has increased dramatically. Customers want parcels quickly, often the next day. If you give them the option to receive their parcel exactly when they need it, it’s going to exceed their expectations and significantly boost your reputation.

Some goods are also more fragile than others. Even the most reliable couriers can accidentally damage goods if they don’t realise what they are handling is fragile. Therefore, sending anything that could break easily, such as glass, via a special fragile shipment, is highly recommended and reduces the likelihood of returns and compensation claims.

Out of hours’ shipments are also ideal for customers and clients who have an urgent, last minute order that they need ASAP. Providing this kind of delivery is going to give you serious brownie points!

It’s worth keeping in mind that different couriers offer different special services. Therefore, you should take the time to compare them to see which offers the right service to fit your business.

Protecting the package and your reputation

Of course, special services aren’t just convenient for the customer, they can also be valuable to your reputation. The importance of a good, reliable delivery service has been apparent for many years, but it’s even more important than ever these days.

Special delivery is especially better for confidential parcels and documents. If these parcels or documents were to go missing during the delivery service, it would have devastating consequences on your business. So, choosing a more secure, special delivery option would help protect you, and the documents, during shipment.

Overall, special delivery is definitely something businesses should look into. While standard delivery options still have a place, special delivery is often preferred by customers due to the enhanced security and speed of delivery.


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