Jonathan Swerdlow of GamyTech on innovation in Gaming

Skill gaming has been a growing market over the last 3 years and Jonathan is one of the pioneers of this newly growing industry. He founded GamyTech a skill gaming company by the age of 21. Today GamyTech counts over half a million users.

Can you tell me about your experience in the online gambling industry prior to founding GamyTech?

I founded the company about three years ago but we are already 14 bright minds working with GamyTech day and night. I have previously worked in the gaming industry and been one of the co-founder of a social gaming company in NY. Additionally, since I’m a teenager, I’ve been involved with technology and startups. After I moved to Israel I decided to get involved in the real money gaming.

How did the concept of GamyTech come to fruition?

After having some days off I started thinking of where the gambling industry was heading. I started thinking of the social features I had used before, why the social casinos were getting so popular and why all of my friends were obsessed with social games. I came to the conclusion that we should create a platform where a lot of the focus would be on betting on those games to add a completely new layer of adrenaline!

With your most popular game Backgammon for money, what kind of player are you looking to target, then?

We believe we can both attract hard core Backgammon players that want a deeper and more exciting game play as well as beginners that never have played Backgammon before. Finally they can get the thrill of real money in an environment that resembles and uses a lot of fun features from other social games.

Why do you feel that the marketing technology that you have is in particular good fit for the gaming industry?

I think with online gambling and mobile gaming, player retention is a really major challenge and player engagement. We have small piece of technology that sits in the background of our apps, and helps us to really understand our audience is engaging, and then allowing us to send very targeted push notifications based on what our users are interested in. It’s all about delivering the right content, to the right people, very much at the right time.”

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