How to Make Bicycling to Work Fun

No matter where and when you work, it is always better to make your commute more enjoyable, especially if you ride your bike to get to work. There are so many ways to make your bike ride to work more fun, you just have to be creative and innovative. From changing your mindset and what you think about to updating your routine, the possibilities for fun are endless.

Mind Over Matter

Making the trip to work on your bike more fun means taking your mind, body, and soul into consideration. To start first with your mind, consider thinking about all the great things that come with riding your bike to work. Not only is it good for your mind to get fresh air, biking to work is also a great thing for your body and health.

Save Money

Riding your bike is also less expensive than driving your car, plus you don’t have to worry about all the other expenses that come with having a car, like insurance, gas, and routine maintenance.  An occasional bike tune-up is cheaper than owning a car, plus, you will always have a place to park it, unlike most other types of vehicles! Thinking of all the great things you are doing and accomplishing while you are riding your bike to work can give you a renewed sense of energy, and give you the extra push you need to get through your day.

Being Green

While on your commute, you can also think about how riding your bike is better for the environment (and your wallet!), which will no doubt make you feel better. The best part of riding a bike is that you get to avoid traffic school and potential points on your license! Keeping your mind on the positive aspects of riding your bike can instantly make riding your bike fun (no matter where you are going, but especially to work).

Take a Look

If you are looking for more physical improvements versus mental, there are many things you can do to make your bike ride more enjoyable. For instance, looking around you while you ride your bike (while still being safe and paying attention to the road) can help you take in the beauty of your surroundings. You might even be able to find a new place to stop and get coffee later or take a new date!

Take a Detour

Another way to make your ride more entertaining is to take a new route to break up the daily grind. While it may be hard at first, consider leaving a little earlier or later than usual to avoid peak travel hours, meaning you might see something new. Biking with a buddy is another easy way to add enjoyment to your ride to work. You can hold each other accountable and have a friend to experience things with.

Take a Listen

Even making a new playlist to upgrade your bike commute can brighten your day. You can add newly released music or upbeat feel-good tunes to get you ready for your day. Just make sure that you cruise with only one earbud in, as you need to be able to hear for any incoming emergency vehicles and other drivers! If you are still figuring out how to use Kelley Blue Book for the millennial while you ride to work, you can keep your mind at ease by treating yourself to a new outfit to encourage you to keep biking. Even getting an upgrade on your bike that you have been wanting for a while can help improve your mindset and make you look forward to your bike rides.

There are many ways to improve your bike ride to work and make it more fun for you. Whether you make internal or external changes, there are endless possibilities to make your commute more enjoyable for you.

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