Unbelievable 3D Holographic Display Success Stories

Sometimes a great idea takes time to really come into its own. In marketing this is especially so and never has it been as true as this. For years technologists and marketers have played with the idea of using laser technology to create realistic 3D images. Crude versions were made in the 1970s and you can still see the occasional “holographic” sticker on a book today. But to create a truly revolutionary interpretation of 3D, someone had to come along and change the whole game. Now with the 3D holographic display cases that a company called Realfiction has presented, the magic of 3D is finally within our grasp.

100 Years of Making Chocolate Magical

One of the well known companies that has used these holographic displays is Ferrero Rocher, a company that has been making luxury chocolates for 100 years. They wanted to celebrate this landmark anniversary in a special way and they used the power of 3D holograms to do it. They had Realfiction create a magical display that incorporated their trademark chocolates as part of a golden pyramid.

They then placed these interactive pyramids in major retail establishments that sold their chocolate across Europe. Every store that had that display also had increased sales. No wonder, since the very image of a magical golden pyramid of the most coveted chocolate in the world that danced before their eyes tended to stop shoppers in their tracks. Best of all, they then walked out with sometimes multiple boxes of the gold foil wrapped goodies.

The Story of Iron Man

We all love a good story and so when Hot Toys decided they wanted to tell the story of Iron Man, Marvel Comics popular super hero, they decided to use a hologram to do it. The Christmas toy market is a highly competitive one and so finding a way to connect with those consumers and not be lost in the shuffle of the holiday shopping was vital. The action figure came with a variety of ways it could be displayed depending on Tony Stark’s armor choices. The holographic display used a very videogame-centric visual to tell the story of the armor, the man and the toy that kids would be buying in droves. It was a match made in toy heaven for Hot Toys and their marketing team.

Making Coffee Extra Delicious

When Kraft Foods wanted to introduce McCafe coffee into the grocery aisles in Canada, they knew it would be a tough sell. Even with Canada’s placement as the second largest market for coffee in the world, it was a finicky marketplace that had different preferences. They knew they needed to create a display that would tantalize and connect to coffee consumers. They did it with a holographic display that felt so real customers would say they could “smell the coffee”.

The display, with real coffee beans and a holographic display of first an airplane bussing the coffee beans and then a whirling cup being filled with fresh roasted coffee captured “Best of Show” at the Grocery Innovations trade show where they first displayed it. In fact, McDonald’s was so captivated by the holographic display that it now resides at McDonald’s HQ. Truly 3D holograms have come a long way since the 1970s stickers with green heads popping out of book covers.

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