Continuing Education for Elite Learners

More so than ever before, adults are seeking out further education to add competencies and earning potential to their career paths. While this path is often associated with so-called middle class workers, this model is becoming increasingly relevant for people in all industries, even those in elite positions of business. Jobs in the world of business used to change slowly. It was possible for a person completing a formal education at 22 or 23, to enter a field and be fully prepared for all the work required of him or her for the next 40 years. Today, people are working longer than ever before, and the industries that they are a part of are changing so quickly that a single formal education cannot be expected to give them the knowledge and experience they need to be on the cutting edge of their field for more than a few years.

That’s why Harvard Business School is expanding their efforts to offer educational opportunities to professionals of all ages and industry backgrounds. Through an intensive 8 week program, adults of all ages can learn from and with the best business minds in the world, all on HBS’s famous campus. By taking two months out of their normal careers, people like this will be able to re-enter their professions much more able for, and aware of, the new demands of their ever-changing industry.

It’s an educational model that’s incredibly relevant in 2015. There is no conversation about higher education that doesn’t question its value. Higher education is (according to popular appraisal) expensive and unlikely to “pay off” in terms of career value. By allowing adults to re-enter educational periods in their life, things that are learned can be reinforced, and new insights can be gleaned. Harvard Business School is leading the charge, and giving the careers of thankful professionals a much needed shot in the arm. 


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