Still Buying Printers Instead Of Leasing Them? Here’s Why You Need To Stop

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large office. One thing that is in common with offices of all sizes is the fact they use printers. Although we tend to communicate mostly through paperless means, we all still have to print stuff out on occasion.


Some official documents like contracts and letters must get printed out rather than emailed. Many organisations just buy their printers and accessories. But, if that’s something you do, did you know that you should stop doing that?

At this point, you might be wondering why on earth you should stop buying printers and related accessories. It turns out there are several reasons, some of which are as follows:


You might be buying the wrong printers


All too often, business owners end up buying the wrong printers for their offices. Cost is a major deciding factor when choosing new printers. When there’s a good deal or special offer, buyers tend to opt for those devices.


The only trouble is those buyers have failed to consider one thing: the total cost of ownership! Sure, a particular make and model of laser printer might be cheap to buy. But, as is often the case, consumables like toner cartridges cost a fortune to replace!


When you lease from a printing services company, they will advise you which printers are the best ones for your needs. And they come up with a contract plan that’s affordable and flexible. But if you buy your printers outright, you’ll have no choice but to sell them for “better” ones, making an enormous loss in the process.


Buying printers can have a huge impact on your cash flow


If you have dozens of people working for you at your organisation, you’ll need an array of printers at their disposal. Buying these devices outright means that your cash flow will take a hammering.


Leasing, instead of buying, is a better idea. Instead of paying a four or five-figure sum, you make small monthly payments for the use and maintenance of your printers. You’re also eligible for upgrades to newer and more efficient models in the future. Whereas you’re stuck with any printers that you buy outright.


Leasing takes the hassle out of printer maintenance


One of the big selling points about leasing printers is that you and your team will be more productive. You might be wondering how this is so. The answer is simple! Printers that get used a lot during the day will often need more frequent maintenance.


As part of your lease deal, you can incorporate regular printer maintenance. That means you don’t have to worry about your printer always jamming or breaking down.


Engineers can come out at convenient dates and times to suit you. They’ll make sure your printers are cleaned inside and out. And they’ll replace any parts that are likely to fail soon. When you buy your printers, on the other hand, preventative maintenance is something business owners seldom think about.


If you have a broken printer, your team will be less productive. Now you can see why leasing instead of buying printers is a better idea!

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