Are Your Working Conditions Optimum For Your Employees?

Making employees more productive isn’t just about giving them the best equipment, office supplies, and software to work with; it’s also about making the office environment comfortable. Factors such as lighting, space, noise levels, air quality, and temperature all have a role in making employees feel great about their workspace, so make sure you invest in meeting optimum conditions for making your employees happy when working!


If you want your team to generate creative ideas, keep the lights down low, but make it brighter when you need them to focus at the later stage of work. Dim lighting helps people feel less constrained, and freer to take risks and explore. When you’re done brainstorming, open up the windows to let in the natural light from the sun to create a more energetic atmosphere that lets people focus on their tasks.


There is no clear-cut definition of the amount of space employees need, as it would depend on the nature of work, the body dimensions of each employee, the corporate climate, and even the cultural aspects that influence one’s perception of what it means to have a sufficient or adequate space. In general, employees should have enough space that would enable them to move unhindered and allow them to accomplish their tasks comfortably.


A moderate noise level in the workspace is best when nurturing creativity. Ambient noise gets creative juices flowing by promoting abstract processing, unlike loud noise that makes it difficult to process information efficiently. For extreme focus on detailed work, a complete silence is necessary. Of course, it may also boil down to individual preference—if one of your employees concentrate best while listening to loud rock music, let him or her do so, but with headphones so as not to disturb coworkers.

Air quality

Ventilation is another factor that should be considered in an indoor office space. If your office is overcrowded or not ventilated properly, carbon dioxide levels build up, resulting in poor indoor air quality. It is recommended to have 20 cubic feet per minute of outside air for each employee, enough to control pollutants produced in the office environment. Pollutant sources include rest rooms, copiers, smoking areas, maintenance supplies, and the office itself, which may be a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and dust mites.


One of the biggest factors to consider when creating an optimum working environment for employees is thermal comfort. This means that employees shouldn’t feel too cold or too warm in the office. Office temperature is important not only for productivity but for employees’ health as well. It is crucial to maintain constant thermal conditions, as even minor deviations may cause stress and affect safety and performance. In general, the office temperature should be in the range of 21-23°C (69-73°F). In the summer months when the outside temperature is higher, it is recommended to keep the indoor office temperature slightly warmer in order to decrease the discrepancy between the two environments. Make sure you have your air conditioning system checked regularly by your cooling tower rental service provider to ensure your office provides optimum thermal comfort all year round.


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