Gold Rush: Five Mines around the World that are Booming!

Don’t be fooled; it’s not all gold, gold, gold in the mining business. Other resources such as steel and tungsten are making significant profits for a variety of mining companies – some of which are sure to be using the technology available from industry leaders such as IVolve to assist them with their mighty, mining projects. Indeed, industrial mining technology has never been more in demand. Check out five of the most successful mining projects across the globe.

The Nui Phao Project

This Vietnamese polymetallic mine is rich in deposits of tungsten, bismuth, copper and gold and has been identified as one of the largest tungsten deposits outside of China. With open-pit mining and a low strip ratio, this will be one of the lowest cost producers of tungsten in the world. With its close proximity to local infrastructure, this booming mine just keeps on giving.

Lumwana Copper Mines

This Zambian mine is pumping out copper, cobalt, gold and uranium in the north-western province of the country. Combining an open pit mining method with processing via flotation and/or crushing, this mine is expected to run until at least 2044. The mining project has two major copper deposits – in 2013 alone, the mine produced approximately 260 million pounds of copper!

Delcarmen Coal Project

This one’s about to go boom as a prospective mining project with two EPCs (Exploratory Permit for Coal) granted to the north and east of Kingaroy, Queensland. With an assessment predicting between 30 and 140 million tonnes of the coal, initial exploration will be based on rotary chip holes, followed up with down-hole logging using the usual geophysical tools such as density, gamma, sonic and caliper. A number of potential strategic partners have already made enquiries about getting on board with this project so time is running out if you want to get involved with this one.


Situated 120km north-west of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, this mine is rich in gold, both ‘in situ’ and potentially viable via exploration and prospecting. As an established mine, its processing infrastructure is already in place and prospects are looking good for this magnificent hole in the ground. A secondary mine at Mt Ida looks to be as equally promising as the Davyhurst Hub.

Crater Mountain&lt

This Papua New Guinea project may well be having some issues getting off the ground, what with the area being a significant wildlife reserve. Rest assured, though, as long as the right paperwork can be filled out and the right people satisfied, this project will be a sure-fire winner as Papua New Guinea’s next big copper and gold reserve. Stakeholders estimate that the mine will only take up one and half square kilometres of the nature reserve’s estimated 2000 square kilometres.
What are your thoughts on mining and the environment? Are you up-to-date with all the latest developments in the mining world? Have you made an investment in one? Share your thoughts and answers by leaving a comment below.

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