George Ammar and the key to success

George Ammar an Ohio Chief Financial Officer located in Cleveland, he is the owner of the Ohio CFO LLC a company which he himself founded. He is CPA certified and loves to work out and run. He takes good care of his mind and body as he believes this is the key to fitness, health and ultimately success.


George S Ammar believes that there isn’t a directory of the ingredients for happiness and success but there are definitely some guidelines. Various studies across the internet and in official forums have shown that higher earners do exercise more on a whole than there less well-paid counterparts. It is obviously hard to determine whether it is their nature to be hard working at whatever they do or whether the positive endorphins that they are releasing and the goals they are achieving just happily motivate their lives as a whole.


Endorphins are the chemicals that interact with the receptors in your brain to give you happy feelings whilst also blocking out pain. This is what gives to the resilience to keep on going and why a hearty workout makes you feel revitalised and happy and energetic. This energy will help you to be more productive whether that is at home or in the workplace.


Regular exercise also improves your sleeping patterns, sleeping is so good for your overall health and mental abilities, without sleep it is hard to concentrate, focus and therefore hard to succeed. Some professionals break off there day at early afternoon for a visit to the gym to boost their energy and productivity levels. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are all great advocates and speakers about the benefits of exercise and healthy living, the ethos that is shared by George S Ammar of Cleveland Ohio.


It will never be truly possible to prove either way whether there are clear connections between exercise and success. Maybe the connection is between exercise and happiness which then makes it easier to be successful, maybe it is down to personality type. Some people refuse to lose at anything. The answer, which is the answer to most things is that you probably need some moderation. It is good to exercise but it is fun to go out with friends too, you want to be successful, but you might also like a relationship and to put some focus into that. You want to be like Barack Obama who was so happy to share his success with his wife who was always seen as an excellent first lady and part of this was the way that Barack spoke about her and treat her as well as her own passion and obvious intelligence.


You need to crack the infamous work life balance conundrum, everything should be done in moderation. By incorporating exercise into your daily routine you may find that you have the energy to be successful at work, to run a happy and organized home and also have a little time and energy to spend with your friends and family.






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