Tramms welding discusses some basic ways to improve stick welding.

Tramms Welding, is a welding company based in Scenic Drive Minnesota. Specializing in all kinds of welding here are some tips on how to do stick welding. Welding is a complex process to learn addressing the following five areas should help make the task a little easier.


Like in any job you need to prepare, you need to ensure that the metal that you intend to weld is cleaned properly.  Use a wire brush, get rid of any dirt. Unclean materials will lead to cracking, it will give the elements a reason not to fuse together. Also make sure that you are positioned in such a way that is conducive to your task. You need a good clear connection to your mains supply, a good view of your weld puddle. You need to be able to keep your head out of clear access to the weld fumes and make sure that your arc is always at the edge of the weld puddle. Make sure that you are also standing comfortably and can support the electrode safely.


The next point of interest are the CLAMS this stand for current setting, length of arc, angle of electrode, manipulation of the electrode, and speed of travel) this is the information you have to feed the machine before you can weld. It may seem like a lot take into consideration but like anything it will become second nature after time.


The curve setting is whether you need to work in AC or DC current it will depend on the type and diameter of the electrode you need to use to do your piece of work. The length of the arc is again dependant on the electrode and the application. A good guide is that the arc length should not exceed the diameter of the metal portion (core) of the electrode.  The angle of travel will be dependent on whether you want to use the backhand welding technique or other methods. The manipulation of the electrode will differ with each individual. You will develop your own style based on watching others. The speed of travel should be at a constant speed that allows you to keep the arc in the fist one third of the welding pool.


As a company if you are looking for a welding company to handle the maintenance of your equipment then there are several skills and requirements that you should look for. You should look for a company that will provide you with a prompt and efficient service. You want to check out a few companies’ prices and ensure that they are good value for money. You want the usual basics that you would get from a good company. These include a point of contact, friendly staff who also seem knowledgeable in what they do, and they will help find a solution for the problems that you are having with your machines. Check out the ratings and reviews on their online sites and ensure that there have been some other happy customers who would recommend their business.


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