Dismiss a CA Traffic Ticket as Painlessly as Possible

Receiving a traffic violation in the state of California can come with hefty fines, unnecessary stress and legal complications. In some cases, a driver could have points deducted from their license or, depending on the violation, have their license suspended or taken away altogether. Although this might not be the most pleasant experience for those who are ticketed, there are several options to dismiss an offense.

Fight for Your Right

In California, violators may fight traffic tickets in-person or in writing. Violators must appear in in traffic court on their designated date to fight their ticket. The court will then issue them another date to make their case. If offenders take this route, they must also pay the fine allotted to their ticket, which they may receive back if the court rules in their favor.

The process is similar to dispute a ticket by writing, though this option is only available under certain circumstances. Offenders provide written declaration of why they don’t believe they are at fault, proof of innocence and their allotted fine payment, which again they may or may not receive back.

Though violators may be tempted to fight their violation, this method does not come without its costs. Depending on the violation, some may have to hire a traffic ticket attorney to represent them in court. These fees on top of the time spent filling out paperwork and making court appearances make for a costly and headache-inducing process. There is, however, a much more simple way to dismiss a ticket.

Back to School

For most, traffic school is not something to look forward to. Some may dread spending an afternoon reviewing the traffic rules and regulations they already feel they understand. Though CA traffic school might not be the most exciting way to spend your time, there’s no questioning the benefits to completing a course, especially for anyone looking to dismiss a recently received a traffic ticket.

Depending again on the violation, completing traffic school on top of paying the designated fine can be enough to dismiss a ticket. Completing traffic school will not only dismiss a ticket, but can help violators avoid adding points to your license, remove already acquired points and be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance rate.

Although students benefit in many ways from taking a CA traffic school course, some may still be put off by having to complete it in the first place. Luckily, in California, there are several more convenient, and even fun, options to complete traffic school. Violators can still complete the course in-person, but now have the choice to take the course online. This makes completing CA traffic school as easy and painless as possible.

To combat the tediousness that often goes along with traffic school courses, some companies have even taken the initiative to make the course fun and more relaxed. My Improv offers students the opportunity to take CA traffic school courses with a dose of comedy. Their classes are all offered online, making it simple and even enjoyable. Improv comedians teach the CA traffic school lessons, keeping students entertained and informed.

Trying to dismiss a traffic ticket might not be as terrible as it initially seems. CA traffic school offers a convenient, informative and beneficial way to dismiss a ticket, potentially lower auto insurance rates and brush up on traffic regulations. 

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