7 Important Benefits of Using Fleet Card for Your Business

The use of fleet card or fuel card is very common among different businesses – whether small or big companies as long as they have company vehicles that employees regularly use. And in this article, we will discuss the benefits of fleet card to your business and why you should start using it too if you still haven’t.

  1. Ability to control purchases–as a business owner, it is just right to impose strict rules including purchases using company’s budget. With the use of fleet card, you will be able to control purchases from the very beginning. You will be able to set limits on your fleet card so each employee or driver can only use it within the set parameters. You can either set the parameters for dollar per transaction, number of transactions per day, per week or per month and other restrictions that you may have in mind. The bottom line is that you can control the budget from the start. This will prevent you from getting shock at seeing sky high gas expenses from your employees.
  2. Invoicing – are you tired of collecting receipts? Well, when using fleet cards, business owners and fleet managers no longer need to sort through piles of receipts or other documentation. Official invoicing is available so you can easily monitor or claim rewards or reimbursement of mileage.
  3. Availability of Level III data – another advantage of using fleet card is that it allows for detailed records that can prevent theft. Level III data are available such as vehicle and driver identification, miles per gallon, cost per mile and others. It is a big relief knowing that you have access to such important information.
  4. Centralized billing – there is no need to cause headache to your accountants since there is centralized billing available for fleet cards thus, computing monthly or weekly budget can be very easy.
  5. Custom reports – it is also very convenient since you can customize the reports based on your requirements. It will allow you to see important details that you need to know.
  6. No need for cash – fleet cards are as good as cash. Drivers can fuel the vehicles with just this card. There is no need to bring cash which is very convenient for the driver. And it’s also convenient for the company since you do not need to issue cash to cover gas expenses of your employees. It is safe and very convenient.
  7. Discounts and rewards– lastly, fleet cards usually offer great discounts especially among participating gas stations so you can enjoy these discounts as well as rewards sometimes.

Running a business can be very challenging. Not only you should care about the company’s profits but you should also be particular about your expenses. It is very important to be practical and that means, finding all possible ways to save or get good deals. And of course, using fleet card is one way to do that. And besides saving money, you will also enjoy more benefits from it like the ones that we discussed in this article.

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