Chris Bugbee on Hayes Winning US House Primary

Teachers are very special people and Chris Bugbee believes they do not get sufficient recognition for the work they do in training the next generation to be ready for taking over the world. However, in recent news from Connecticut, it seems that those things are about to change. Chris Bugbee was incredibly happy to see that the once National Teacher of the Year, Jahana Hayes, was able to beat Mary Glassman in the 5th Congressional District primary. It is said that, if she continues, she will become the first black Democrat in the state to make it into Congress.

Chris Bugbee on Jahana Hayes

Mary Glassman had to concede that Jahana Hayes had won when the results started to come in. She agreed that Jahana was a very tough competitor who clear knew what she was doing. The seat itself became available when Elizabeth Esty made the statement that she would not run for re-election as a result of the scandal surrounding her. Specifically, it was said that her department mishandled an abuse claim.

From his principle office in Manchester, Chris Bugbee had been following Hayes for quite a long time. She was previously a teacher at Waterbury’s John F. Kennedy High School and was named National Teacher of the Year by President Barack Obama in 2016, being a social studies teacher at that time. Her story is what set her apart. Hayes came from a Waterbury housing project, the daughter of an addicted mother, raised by her grandmother, and pregnant at 17.

President Barack Obama took note of her. He felt that she was proof that people should set the highest possible expectations for children, as that is what Hayes had been able to achieve. More than anything, Hayes saw magic in every child she worked with in her school and she was able to find that and bring it out.

Unsurprisingly, Hayes used her personal story as her principal motivation for becoming elected in the primaries. She demonstrated that she was able to overcome many hurdles and worked hard to get to where she was. And, as a Democrat, she used the words of Barack Obama quite heavily in her campaign. However, according to Bugbee, she is genuine in what she says. She states that Waterbury is her home and that she is proud of the strength of the people there. But she is concerned about the fact that they never put themselves forward as recruits for Congress and she felt it was time to change that. She feels that Congress should start to look less like a distant Board of Trustees and more like a representation of real communities in real America. She aims to take the truths of people, organize them around that, act on that, and turn this into a powerful movement for real change.

Hayes has a number of clear priorities. Protecting public education is one and a single payer system of healthcare is a second. She is also pro-gun legislation as a direct result of the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut in 2012. In November, she will have to face the republic candidate, which will be Rich DuPont, Ruby Corby O’Neill, or Manny Santos. However, race ratings suggest that the district is Democratic in nature, which means she stands a good chance of winning it.


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