Who Is Dan Purjes? A Review of One of the Greatest Minds in Finance

There are numerous lists of financial experts in existence and some names will feature on all of them. For instance, names such as McTague, Barrons, and Dan Purjes will always make the final list, be that as a main story in the New York Times or in a small report on Wall Street, NYC giants in a local Rockwood newspaper. These are the types of names that inspire confidence in others, and particularly those who hope to improve their investment fund by expanding the asset classes they focus on. But just who is Dan Purjes, and why is he seen as one of the greatest minds in finance?

All about Dan Purjes

Dan Purjes has been professionally active since April 1997, when he became Nur Macroprinters Ltd.’s Chairman of the Board. From there, his career skyrocketed and he became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Rockwood Group LLC. His is an investment and merchant banking firm with headquarter in NYC.

Before he took up the position of CEO at the Rockwood Group, however, he was the CEO and Chairman of the Josephthal Group, Inc. This is the parent company of the well-known brokerage and investment banking firm Josepththal & Co. Inc., or Josephthal. In 2001, the company Fahnestock & Co. Inc. acquired Josephthal and turned it into Oppenheimer and Company.

Furthermore, Dan Purjes has held the position of CEO and Chairman at FAS Holdings, Inc., which is First Allied Securities, Inc.’s parent company. The latter is a retail brokerage business that has over 200 branches across the country. Wells Fargo & Company acquired FAS Holdings, Inc. in 2002.

In 1985, before starting his position with Josephthal, Dan worked as the Vice President (VP) of a range of different well-known securities firms. Those included L.F. Rothschild Unterberg Towbin and Bear Stearns & Co. Specifically, he worked in their brokerage sales and corporate finance departments.

Dan Purjes is known on Wall Street through Morgan Stanley & Co., which he joined in 1978. He was the Director of Computer Systems at Morgan Stanley, a position very much in line with his education. He completed both a BS and an MS in Computer Science at the City College of New York. Indeed, as part of his education, he also worked in computer systems for Philip Morris International and for Citibank, where he was a manager.

What makes Dan Purjes so special is the fact that he has a man who knows what he wants and he goes out and gets it. Although his direct background is in computer science, he quickly discovered that he was far more interested in finance and investments. Upon discovering that, he grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and went for it. It is this unwavering commitment to getting to the top and knowing what he wants that has enabled him to become so successful and why he is such a mentor for others who hope to achieve similar greatness.

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