Why Is The US Education System Failing?

If we are to compare the success of the US education system at different points in time, it quickly becomes obvious that right now the system is failing. Normal US education uses a system that was designed a long time, with the industrial revolution being when basic education started to be offered to masses. According to S R Buzzi, the big problem is that people do not actually recognize the fact that demands are completely different now than what was in place when the system was created. Ever since the system was created there was no evolution or redefinition that was put in place.

Lack Of Community Support

Schools are automatically connected with the community. If the community does not support the school, nothing can be done. Schools are now closing at a huge rate all around the US. Closing schools is not a decision that reflects community needs or student needs.

Unfortunately, government rhetoric talks about the need to offer quality, affordable education but at the same time, there is a demand that schools adhere to some specific mandates set at federal levels. School administration now has access to highly limited options when it comes to getting the resources that are needed. Political wants start to dominate what is offered so federal support simply disappears.

Too Many Students In One Class

When you want to properly educate children, you need to offer needed attention and support. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. There are numerous schools where you find crowded classrooms where it is practically impossible to help every single student. Also, teachers have to discipline children in atmospheres where it is impossible to guarantee safety. Education simply becomes secondary to offering security and other things parents want.

Poor Education Leads To Poor Education

Children cannot actually excel as parents are not educated at a proper level. We are faced with a poor education cycle that is becoming stronger and stronger. This leads to also having children that are poorly educated. Because of the current state of the economy and how difficult it is to deal with day-to-day activities, parents are now simply way too busy. They struggle to live and offer what is needed for children to thrive. Unfortunately, parents are needed in the education of a child. When parents are not involved, inevitably, a student’s education will be limited.

Children Are Not Properly Challenged

You will often hear teachers saying that a specific student cannot do something and that he will never succeed in life because of that. This is a really bad approach that is, unfortunately, leading towards big problems in US education. Children have to be challenged in order to recognize value and worth and this needs to be done in a proper way. The fact that failure is seen as something that will lead to having a bad life is unacceptable. Failure is normal and children need to stop being limited by the fact that the system is not focused on recognizing real talent.

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