What to do if the media aren’t interested in your story

You’ve developed your campaign, put the work in to build your launch story, written the perfect release and have actively been pitching and following up with the media with your beautifully written media release. Unfortunately, you’re sitting and waiting in silence. You can’t seem to get any media interested in the story you have to offer. Why? Well, here are a few reasons why the media might not be interested in what you have to say:

– You targeted the wrong media. Do your research to make sure they cover stories like yours.
– There is no relevant connection to an overarching newsworthy storyline (ie. Current events, pop culture, etc.)
– You didn’t give the media enough time before your launch or event. They need to have time to put together the story before it’s past.
– Bigger news came up. Do your research to make sure there isn’t a major event happening. It’s impossible to predict when the latest scandal or huge news story will break, but plan as best you can.
– Your pitch was too long.
– Your subject line wasn’t attention-grabbing.

It could also be that you have done everything right. From a media perspective, sometimes they get hundreds of pitches every day, so despite how hard you try, your email or Twitter pitch may just get lost in the shuffle. If you feel that is the case, here are three ways you can get creative with your outreach strategy to build buzz if you need can’t seem to get through to the media:

Build a strong content strategy.
If you have built a great brand story for yourself or your business, you should also be putting out great content on all of your marketing channels – your website, social media, blog, e-newsletter, etc. You have to make sure you are putting out great content on a regular basis, and get creative with it. If, for example, you run motivational classes for employees, set up online challenges that people can take part in, get readers to suggest ideas they would like to see, use infographics, gifs or videos, and generally make things fun! This also means setting up a schedule for posting and keeping up with it, so your audience expects it from you and they can engage with you. Sometimes a strong content strategy will actually put you on the radar with media who often look for story ideas online.

Become a guest contributor.
Try connecting with publications, industry-related blogs, and associations you are part of. They are often looking for great content, and this is a fantastic way for you to get your name out there and showcase your expertise.

Be active on social media to grow your community and brand awareness.
Social media is all about relationship building and empowering others to talk about your brand. Keep it social and go on at least once per day.

The key is that you shouldn’t give up on generating buzz about your brand just because you can’t get media coverage. Media coverage is a great goal, but there are so many other ways for you to get your brand out there that shouldn’t be ignored, so keep at it and you’ll get there!

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