Vlad Mustață: Acquiring Moldovan Citizenship by real estate investments – a new international practice

The Republic of Moldova creates new opportunities to attract foreign investors. For this purpose, “the project on acquiring Moldovan citizenship through investment” was recently adopted. Vlad Musteață, CEO of  Promobil, a real estate company that leads the market in Chișinău, says the state initiative is an excellent strategy to attract capital into the country and that it will be a great success for the real estate sector.

So, here’s the opinion of the real estate expert, Vlad Musteață, about the advantages that Moldova’s new practice entails:

“Residence and citizenship have become major talking points among a growing number of international mobile entrepreneurs and investors. The authorities understood this fact and came up with a project that allows businessmen to obtain citizenship right at the time of making their first investment of at least 250 thousand euros. Businessmen choose the real estate sector because it is the safest for investment and that is a widely recognized fact.”

In other words, solid investments in Moldova will be remunerated accordingly. The programme on acquiring Moldovan citizenship through investment provides for the development of the real estate sector – a niche with excellent potential in the country. This purpose could be obtained by:

  • the development of the real estate sector through the acquisition and ownership, for an uninterrupted period of at least 60 months, of one or more immovable property with total market value of at least 250 thousand euros at the time of the investment;
  • the development of the public financial sector and public investment by acquiring and maintaining state securities issued for this purpose for a period of at least 60 months, worth at least 250 thousand euros.


According to Vlad Musteață, this practice is growing and will lead to the prosperity of the real estate sector in the Republic of Moldova– a truly promising prospect.

” We have been actively promoting the program since it was launched, and now we have a considerable number of investors who have met all the conditions and became citizens of the Republic of Moldova.”

In order to benefit from this opportunity, foreign citizens must have a good economic and financial reputation and pose no danger or risk to public order and state security.  This means they must not have a criminal record.

The requirements are applicable for the foreign nationals and their family members. The new practice presents exclusive advantages for all stakeholders and represents an excellent opportunity for a bright future – both for the investor and for the state.



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