Using Twitter to Advance Your Entrepreneurial Success

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you might as well get it over with. Twitter has become one of the most widely used and important social media platforms in the world. The platform is built around quickly spreading ideas and messages to all of your followers, and their followers, and so on. As you can easily see, this makes Twitter a great place to set up an entrepreneur’s profile. Finding prolonged success as an entrepreneur is all about taking advantages of the opportunities that are afforded to you. Today, we are going to analyze how Twitter can make an impact on your entrepreneurial outlook.


Using Twitter as an Entrepreneur


When you first set up your Twitter account, you are going to have to pay close attention to your handle. Your handle, or your username, will be how everyone finds you. Pick something that is simple and unique, yet directly applicable to the line of work that you are doing. If you are an entrepreneur looking to break into the tech industry, using a name like ‘BaseballFan1992’ probably isn’t a great idea. Now that you’ve registered your account, it is time to start gearing up for your entrepreneurial outreach. Here are a few ways that you can embrace Twitter in order to enhance your skills, platform, and potential business outreach.


1) Follow the Right People – Twitter is as much about engaging with your followers as it is about engaging with people that YOU follow. As an entrepreneur, you should already be paying close attention to your target industries. Find the top journalists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in your niche on Twitter and follow them. Start interacting with their content by adding your own professional thoughts and opinions. This is an organic way to extend your reach while gaining organic followers.


2) Post Often, But Not That Much – Twitter is an excellent medium for sharing whatever happens to cross your mind. While this can be a ton of fun for personal users, you aren’t your average Twitter profile. As an entrepreneur, you want to post often enough to keep your audience interested, but you don’t want to post so much that you lose focus. Remember, your Twitter profile is an extension of your brand. Do you want to be the tech professional that rambles about cat pictures and memes? Or do you want to be the tech professional that always has relevant insight on trending tech stories?


3) Make Your Profile Unique – Finally, you are going to want to take a moment to maximize the impact of your actual profile. Use a professional profile picture and a matching banner photo. Also, make sure that you have your bio filled out with links to your products or your other websites. You can drive traffic straight to your business through your profile, so don’t forget to fill it out!


Twitter was once thought to be a fad, but it is clear to see that the platform is here to stay. Twitter can be an exciting way to enhance your brand while reaching new customers, so make sure to take our tips to heart!

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