Strategies for Field Sales Success

Your field sales team is an important resource, but they need the right strategies to achieve success. When it comes to sales, there are a lot of techniques and tactical solutions that you can use to create the best chances of reaching your goals. So what is necessary for a successful field sales team?


Make a Plan

In order to achieve success in your field sales efforts, it is important to make a clear plan. When you don’t have a well outline objective, it’s hard to know what you are working towards. Making a plan will help your field sales team to focus and achieve outcomes.

Outline the plan in as much detail as possible so that you know how the field sales team will deliver marketing objectives. How will you target market segments? What is your marketing budget? Who is your target market and how will you catch their attention? What are the time and resources that are required? Lay out the plan in a clear and easy to understand way, then break it down into small objectives. Have meetings periodically which can determine whether or not the plan is still working or if it needs to be changed.

Offering Rewards

It is known that good, motivated sales reps are competitive by nature and motivated by rewards. Your passionate sales reps will respond well to quotas and targets if you offer them concrete rewards for performing well.

If you are managing a field sales team, you can highlight your top performers and give them a valuable reward for their hard work. This will encourage everyone on your field sales team to work at achieving their best results. The rewards can be monetary, but they can also be experienced based or they can focus on publically recognising efforts – such as having a public leader board with the stats of the top sales reps. This can also be a way to promote a bit of healthy competition if your team of sales staff are always attempting to outdo each other.

Measuring Results

One of the most important strategies for achieving success in field sales is to measure your results carefully. If you are not measuring your outcomes, it is hard to know just how much your current strategies are working.

Measuring your activities against specific metrics helps you to understand exactly what is working well and what needs to be changed. Create a system that will help you to track all of the measured metrics will take some time to set up initially, but will be very easy to use and update as you go along.

Approaching Customers

It is important for the field sales team to have a plan for approaching their customers. First impressions are very important and if you can win over their attention right away you will have gained a follower. However, if you make a poor impression when you first approach a customer you can really damage your reputation and make a mess that is difficult to clean up.

There are many strategies for winning the business of a customer, such as offering a loss-leader, giving out free samples, offering the product on a trial basis and offering acquisition pricing. These options can work very well, but it is important to have a plan when you are approaching your customers for the first time.

Building Relationships with Existing Customers

As well as acquiring new customers, it is also important to develop your relationship with your existing customers. There should always be a balance between the time you spend developing new business and the time you spend on your existing customers.

How will you retain their loyalty and get them to buy more and different products? Your field sales team should have a strategy that will focus on retaining customers so that you can safeguard that sales revenue. There are a lot of ways that you can build your customer relationships. Keep in mind that there will be a natural ebb and flow in your sales due to the seasons and the financial situations of your customers.

These are just a few powerful strategies that you can use for field sales success. A field sales team can offer a lot of benefits, especially if it is a professional, well experienced team such as Tactical Solutions

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