Social Networks and Media Conquer B2B

Social Networks are a flourishing phenomenon in today’s generation. It has already entered and affected the B2C network. In B2C network the social networks have become a concerning factor and plays a major role in marketing and communications.


As we are all familiar with the B2B network and what does it actually implies, the question arises whether the social networks can play an important role in B2B network and for B2B companies. Social networks are not another passing phenomenon; they have matured and have registered themselves highly in the minds of the customers. B2B network also gets conquered by the social networks the business houses that trade with each other are actually the customers of each other and they also engage themselves in social networking.

Some useful statistics from the social networking world states that the total time spent on social media has increased from 6% in 2007 to 20% in 2011. The registered users will almost reach 2 billion people by 2014. These figures show relentless growth and usage of social media. Already 91% of the B2B companies are active on Facebook, 53% on Twitter and 47% on LinkedIn. These statistics reveal that social media has conquered B2B network and has entered in that chain as means of effective communication and presentation.

B2B companies deal with people and not robots. So the influence of emotions before purchasing a product is applicable to them also as they are not immune to these influences. Hence, the first impression and the presentation affect them too. Social networks also affect them as they spend 99% time in surveying and analysing the product. Only 1% time is spent in buying the product. Hence, the social media content has a great influence and controlling power with respect to the choices of the B2B companies and their buyers. Also, 39% of the B2B clients use social networks, forums and internet to obtain information. This signifies that B2B network is structured largely on social networks and media.

The light of social media in B2B network is getting brighter and brighter as the days are passing. Before the companies had to organise road shows and physical relationship with the customers but with the advent of the social media the companies now organise digital shows and build virtual relationship with the customers. Earlier the companies used to follow the ‘Spray and pray’ policy, which means to try the product advertisement in front of a mass public and then hope to get some attention and demand for the product. But now they can follow the life cycle of the customers and get indirect information about the customers from the social networking sites. The companies now produce knowledge rather than messages, to market their product. These are the changing paradigm caused due to the social media which is on the verge of conquering B2B business.

However there are certain more clarifications required in social media and B2B relationship to go hand in hand. The paragraphs below state few of such improvements which will completely enable B2B network to be a function of social media.

The usage of social media has increased, as stated earlier in this article. The B2B is amalgamating slowly and gradually with the social media and the different concepts of B2B and B2C has to be wiped off. Rather a new concept of B2P (Business to People) must be developed as in both the B2B and B2C networks the exchange happens between people of different designation like businessmen, customers, etc.

The social media will conquer B2B in true sense when the companies view it as a tool to help the customers buy their product. If the company views social media as a sales tool, then it will render the business network and the relation with customers void and unethical. The companies must focus on developing knowledge rather than deliver messages for the product advertisement. The companies have to become publishers and provide quality content in the social media, to market, advertise and sell their products. They must humanise their brand, which is possible by means of social media and networking. Other sources are their but they are sluggish and results are contingent, but social network and media provides a speedy recovery to the company for their products’ investment and also it gives satisfactory results in a very less time.

Out of the lot, the above few points specify the social media and B2B relation in a brief way. Another, point which makes social media and B2B inseparable, is the smart and attractive presentations by the B2B companies, in the social media. These indicates that social media is not only affecting the B2B business environment but has almost conquered the B2B network and has become an integral part of it.
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