Sales Leadership and Attitudes That Drive Success

Successful prospecting requires the right attitude, motivation, and technique. As a sales manager, you already know how to implement these tools yourself, but you want to help your sales associates do the same. This involves teaching by example, providing innovative tools and presentation software, and promoting a sense of passion. If you are experiencing a drop in sales volume or overall team morale, consider some new ideas to boost productivity.


Promote Team Confidence


Associates who don’t believe in themselves have a hard time selling any product or service. You need to promote a sense of confidence, and the best way to do that is with a solid recognition program. Make sure that your weekly meetings include a segment to recognize top performers. Review established incentives, and award those team members who are striving to meet goals. Not only does recognition foster confidence in those who have performed well, but it also encourages those who have not reached their potential yet. Consider parting with team members who have no desire to drive forward, and ensure that you instill confidence in those who do possess a genuine desire to succeed. Remind the individuals that you strategically chose them for their innate capabilities.


Verify a Belief in Your Product


Simply put, you don’t sell what you don’t believe in. You need people who are already sold on what you do. That being said, no solution works the same for everyone. Therefore, it’s important that each team member knows the ins and outs of your product or service. Not only will they identify ways they themselves can benefit, but they will also be better able to cater these benefits to different situations. In some cases, a strong genuine conviction even helps make up for undeveloped sales skills. Teach your staff how to highlight certain features to certain customers. Ideally, you want your team to target the kind of businesses who are going to be the most receptive. When you hold on to team members who don’t believe in your product, you run the risk of harmful gossip and group negativity.


Provide the Right Tools


Leaders are only as effective as the resources they provide. Essentially, your customer is your sales team, so you need to always be aware of their professional needs. Ensure that each member dresses appropriately and is armed with the right tools and devices. Not only do these tools make the job easier, but they also make your company more credible. Case studies indicate that technology has a big impact on customer interaction. You have no reason not to take advantage of modern innovation.


Practice What You Preach


Don’t expect results when you’re not setting an example. Implement these practices into your own prospecting efforts so that your team has a reason to follow you. Dust off your phone and make a cold call, or even accompany a team member on their next appointment. Use your own success to set incentives and contests. Most salesmen are highly competitive, especially when given the opportunity to out-perform a manager.


Your role is vital to the success of your business. Whether it’s more praise, enhanced software, or more knowledge, make sure your team has everything they need.








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