Safety Tips for Apartment Living

Apartment living has its perks, but when you share a building with numerous neighbors, with people coming and going at all hours of the day, security is a major concern. Here are some tips you can use to keep yourself safe as you enjoy apartment living.

1. Choose a Higher Unit

The higher up your unit, the less accessible it is to potential thieves. A third story apartment home is harder to see into and much harder to break into than one on the first floor. You’re much less likely to be the victim of a random theft if your unit is not on the ground floor.

2. Look for the Right Locks

Deadbolts are far safer than any other type of lock. If your apartment doesn’t have one, ask. If you are shopping for a new apartment, look for one with deadbolts on the doors.

3. Insist on Proper Outdoor Lighting

Your apartment community should have outdoor lighting in entryways and common areas. If this lighting is not kept in good repair, insist that it is repaired. Intruders prefer the dark, so the more lighting around entrances, hallways and walkways, the more secure the location will be.

4. Consider Wireless Monitoring

Don’t assume that you can’t get a security alarm system for your apartment. If you choose one with wireless monitoring, you can! These don’t require any hardwiring that would break your lease agreement, and they also do not require access to a landline. This ensures that the system stays effective even if the building’s landline is damaged or not working because of phone company maintenance.

5. Go to Dangerous Areas Together

Some areas of an apartment complex are more dangerous than others. Laundry rooms, mailboxes and poorly lit areas in garages or parking lots are all on the top of the “dangerous” list. If you are going to travel to one of these places, make sure that you go with a friend to improve your safety. If you can’t, be fully aware of your surroundings as you go.

Living in an apartment can actually be safer than living in a single-family home due to the safety of numbers, but problems can still happen. Use these tips to ensure you and your family are safe in your apartment home.

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