Property Investment 101: How to Get Started

If you are like so many other people, you have considered property investment as a way to help secure your financial future. However, in more than a few cases, little action occurs beyond this point, largely because the process seems so difficult.

Property experts, such as Templeton Property, understand that sensible, informed property investment does provide a real way to increase your financial worth. Although the process of buying an investment property can seem daunting, it is actually quite a straightforward process. So, how do you get started on the path to investment property ownership? Read on to find out!

1. Know your Finances

Essentially, you need to know the amount of cash you have that can be channelled to investment. To arrive at this figure, you may need to only list your assets, include the income that you receive, and note your expenses.

Many people are quick to assume that property investment is unaffordable for them. If you have a job that is stable and pays you reasonably well, coupled with a good history of employment, it is likely that you will not encounter too many problems in securing a loan.

2. Pre-approval Helps

Obtaining pre-approval for a loan through a lender or mortgage broker can be very helpful. However, it is not really wise to apply for multiple pre-approvals. With every application for pre-approval comes analysis of your credit history. Multiple enquiries about your record of credit may give a lender concern about your ability to pay, and result in your application being refused.

3. Reduce your Debt

To present yourself as an attractive prospect to financial lenders, consider trying to reduce the amount of debt that you have. This may involve reducing your credit card limit too. Essentially, you want prospective lenders to know that you are able to manage and re-pay your debts.

4. Have Clear Goals

It is well worth knowing what you want to achieve and being aware of how success looks, given your personal circumstances. Most property investors choose this investment option in their quest to have a secure financial future and/or sufficient freedom to do what they want at the time they want to do it.

5. Know your Tolerance for Risk

It is very important to know your attitude to risk as this determines the strategy that you follow. All forms of investment incorporate a level of risk and when you know how much risk you can tolerate, you are better positioned to develop an appropriate strategy.

6. You must Budget

It may not be fun, but it is necessary to budget if you want to invest in property. Careful, accurate budgeting offers the only way to ensure that your income and expenses are balanced. Also, when you track your spending, you have the opportunity to recognise and plan for expenses in the future.

When you get started as a property investor, you need to be personally prepared, and have all of the necessary information to make the process of securing finance as smooth and straightforward as possible.

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