Pedestrians Should Always Consult an Attorney When Hit By a Car

If you have been in an accident while walking across the street, the importance of consulting with a personal injury attorney cannot be overstated. Although it is important to consult with an attorney after any accident, there are a few reasons why this is critical for a pedestrian that has been injured.
Insurance companies often want to settle quickly
A quick review of the facts of a pedestrian hit by a car can lead to an insurance attorney understanding that the pedestrian was injured through no fault of their own. Any time a person is hit by a car while in a crosswalk with a green light, the pedestrian had the right away, and an insurance company will want to settle quickly. Drivers making right turns on a green light do not have to stop, but they do have to yield to a person in the crosswalk.
A driver not yielding while making a right turn is a common reason for hitting a pedestrian. There many examples of a pedestrian being hit by a car while having the right of way. It is important to understand that an insurance company will usually make a settlement offer, and this offer is usually less than you are entitled to under the law. A pedestrian accident lawyer can negotiate for you, and get all of the compensation the law entitles you to.
Insurance companies will try to confuse the issue of fault
If there is any question about who is at fault, an insurance attorney may convince you that there is little in the way of compensation that you have a right to. In this case, you may not be offered much money at all. You will, most likely, be offered some money, but this is only to get you to sign away any future legal actions against an insurance company.
A driver without insurance
In some cases, a driver may claim they have no insurance, but this does not mean you cannot be compensated for your injuries. People who are driving without insurance can still be held liable in court, so if they have any assets of value, an attorney may be able to get a legal judgment for them.
It is important to use a personal injury attorney with experience in matters of pedestrian accidents. There are several attorneys and law firms to choose from. HSH lawyers is one example of this type of law firm.

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