Online marketing trends to watch out for in 2016 – Get a glimpse of the future

The entire online marketing industry is too volatile and complex but it can also be exciting and interesting for someone who keeps himself updated with the modern day trends. Every year, there are some new hardware, new companies, new user preferences which dictate the staggering changes which are usually adopted by the businesses. All those who adopt early get a healthy competition and they soon get a good appeal to the newer markets and secure their positions as industry leaders. If you’re someone who is still lagging behind, you have to be careful about the onset of new trends which are going to dominate 2016. The concerns of this article will deal with the different trends that you should watch out for if you have a company that offers online marketing services.

  • Interactive content is going to become priceless: Experts suggest that in 2016, interactive content will play an increased role. Are you aware of what interactive content means? If answered no, it means including video, polls, webinars within the body of the content to make it more worthwhile. Such content can easily be incorporated into your website, email and blog posts. Adding videos had become too common in 2015 and it continued to dominate the entire internet marketing industry. However, it is also vital to note that the actual subject of the content will also be as useful as any other part.
  • Necessity of email marketing: There has always been a discussion about whether or not email marketing was necessary within an online marketing plan but as with 2016, it is indeed going to be popular and important. It is going to indeed play a major role in shaping all online marketing goals in 2016. Email has the highest ROI among all the other internet marketing tactics and 75% say that it is a core tactic. In 2016, all email templates should be optimized in such a manner that it appears in all kinds of mobile devices.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly websites: Majority of the organizations work day and night in order to increase their DA (domain authority) and search engine rankings. Withouth a proper keyword strategy, it is tough to enhance your ranking. In 2016, mobile optimization is going to become more important than optiization for desktops. So, if you want to create that effect, you have to be sure that your site is optimized for all mobile devices. People won’t stay with your site if your site doesn’t open properly in mobile devices.
  • Embracing the social media will be a must: Effective social media marketing will see a new level in 2016. The professional service firms often have social media networking accounts which you need to set up. You should strategically plan what you will be posting. Without a positive social media strategy, it is pretty tough to create the desired impact on the viewers.

Hence, if you offer online marketing services, you again have to follow the above mentioned marketing trends for 2016. 

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