Michael Volitich on How to Get Sports Photography Right

Michael Volitich is passionate about all things sports. This is why he is also committed to a career as a sports journalist. Like any good prospective journalist, he understands how important it is to have skills in every element of this field of journalism, which includes photography. While sports photography is more of a hobby than a prospective career to him, it is something that he has become very good at. Here, he shares with others some of the key tips to take excellent sports action shots.


Michael Volitich on Taking Sports Photographs


Sports photography is something that a lot of professional photographers are not interested in because they believe it requires a highly specialized equipment. It is certainly true that better equipment allows for better photographs but it is not true that prospective and amateur photographers have to shy away from sports completely. According to Michael, photography is something that should be enjoyed and that is something that can be done regardless of the quality of the equipment. Additionally, he believes that being able to take excellent action shots during sporting events provides people with the skills and knowledge they need to also photograph virtually anything else.


The most important thing in sports photography is to get the timing right. A good photographer can anticipate what the next action is going to be and they should be ready to get this on camera. Within the world of sports, actions are actually real to flee predictable period after all, they have to happen according to the rules of the game and within the boundaries of the playing field. At the same time, simply standing around the goal line in the hopes that some action will unfold will not necessarily provide that fantastic shot. After all, it is possible that one side will never even make it to that goal line. Getting this right is all down to practice.


Plumbing is also very important. If a sports photographer is to shoot a specific event, they should take a look at the playing field before they actually shoot the game itself. They should find the best places to view every angle of the field so that they know where to move to when the time comes for that all important shot. They should also bring their different lenses and take some pictures to determine which lens works best from which angle.


Last but not least, Michael recommends that those who want to shoot a sporting event should at all times expect the worst. The weather is unlikely to do as people hope, the players are likely to go in every direction but one that was expected, the lighting will be all wrong, spectators will miss behave, and so on. By expecting the worst but hoping for the best, is photographer is at all times for payout for whatever will come towards them. It isn’t about taking as many pictures as possible, it is about taking a picture when it really matters and getting that million dollar shot. And if it fails, there will always be another game.

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