Luxury items for men on a budget

We all have a presumed notion that luxury items must cost a lot more than we can afford. And while some sort of luxury goods have become a part of our daily lives, most men feel the need to think twice before splurging on something they don’t necessarily need on a day to day basis. This may be one of the reasons why men don’t mind buying very expensive perfumes, but hesitate to spend on a designer sweater. Well, regardless what your needs are, there is a certain class and status that most luxury items come with, and this is something that all men desire. After all, using luxury goods announces to the world that ‘you have arrived’. But, in view of the fact that the current economic situation has your hands tied to an extent, a little help is needed to know what to buy and what is not essential. Here’s a list of things we feel every man of the hour must own. While some of the item below may be a little expensive, they are well worth the price.



luxury items

A personal scent that makes you smell like a million bucks

Perfumes have always had a way of creating the perfect image for men. Therefore, you must find a perfume that agrees with your personality and individual body odor. There are many men that simply buy perfumes depending on recommendations. This may not be the wisest way to go about it. If you are looking for something as unique as you, take a day to go through some perfumes that you like and then wear each a day to fish for opinions. Most friends will be honest about what they like and not like on you. Also, make sure that you don’t buy a brand that is very common. After all, imagine being in a meeting and smelling exactly like two other men in the room. In countries such as UAE and India, you can get a personal perfume made by a professional for a reasonable price. However, if you cannot afford a trip to such a country, find a bouquet that can be your signature perfume for years to come.

A formal tailored suit by your favorite designer

We agree that buying a tailored suite from a celebrated designer can be an expensive affair, but there are ways to get what you want without spending a bomb. Even if you have a lifestyle that doesn’t require you to wear a suit, no wardrobe is complete without one. You can first visit your favorite designer’s showroom and check out the range. If you like something that fits your budget, nothing like it; but if not, ask if there are any sales coming up in the near future. Most designers have annual sales for their customers. If this doesn’t work out, switch to plan B. Look for a local designer; one that’s up and coming. Get in touch with him and get the suit custom-made. If you find an Italian, all the better. These guys really know how to wear a suit! Plus, now when people ask you who you are wearing, you can drop a name they are not familiar with. Anybody can own an Armani, but it takes real style to wear a new designer.

A car that you take out only on special occasions

Whether you import an uncommon low cost SUV from India or buy an American made sports car, it only becomes special if you don’t drive it everyday. It is sensible to have a luxury sedan for regular use around town, but keep one unusually stylish model in the garage for those special dates, adventure weekends and nights on the town.

Thomas H. Holmes is a freelance writer for the Internet for the past decade. Having a special interest in men’s fashion and shopping, he often writes about things like low cost SUV in India, ten things every man should have in the wardrobe; top ten shopping list for 2013, etc. Thomas loves the outdoors and spends his free time exploring the woods near his home and camping.

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