Implementing Automation Solutions for SMBs Struggling With Productivity

In today’s overly crowded market, it is difficult for small and medium sized businesses to achieve a sufficient level of productivity unless they are using appropriate automation solutions. Intelligent automation has become crucial for any company’s success, and it refers to using information technologies in business operations with the goal of replacing the human element and thus freeing your employees from repetitive manual tasks.

Thanks to various automation solutions available nowadays, you and your staff can focus on some more important tasks while technology takes care of the rest. Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with ways these powerful solutions can help you increase the overall productivity in your company and, as a result, grant you with higher profits and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Where to implement automation solutions?

The most important thing when considering the implementation of automation solutions is to determine which of your business processes and tasks cause the majority of problems and delays. Everyday activities such as various recurring tasks, email processing, calendar events, and bills commonly take a lot of time which can be spent more wisely.

Luckily, this is where automation can help – so we will focus on just how to make the best use of it and increase your productivity:

Customer support

It is already a well-known fact that the way you interact with your customers greatly determines the success of your business in the long run. Each one of your customers expects to be treated as a valuable part of your company.

However, even though having support agents is extremely important, your customer satisfaction can significantly increase by implementing virtual assistants – chatbots – to your company’s website. That way, your support staff will have more time to focus on bigger tasks and problems, while your customers can get replies about everything they need to know about your business in a matter of seconds.

Task and event reminders

If your goal is to be really professional, you mustn’t let yourself or your employees forget about any events or appointments that need to be attended or any emails or birthday cards that need to be sent to your clients.

Unfortunately, when you got a lot of going on in your company, it is not such a rare case to do forget some of these things, or simply realize they need to be done when it is already too late. Implementing a proper software solution will help you take care of everything on time, as you will be notified about all of the upcoming events and activities thanks to the calendar feature if offers.

That way, the productivity will increase, as each one of your staff members will always know when they are supposed to do something.



The majority of people dread just thinking about accounting let alone dealing with endless documents such as receipts and invoices. Unless everything is organized in a proper way, accounting can easily turn into a major disaster.

However, handling all of the accounting related processes manually will waste a lot of your employees’ valuable time and thus affect their productivity. On the bright side, implementing automation solutions gives you an ability to pull all of the sales and inventory related data automatically to the accounting program without any manual work required.

By doing so, not only that your staff won’t be bothered with large amounts of data and manual entries anymore, but the system will keep precise records of everything that happens in your company, and turn all of the purchase orders, receipts and other financial documents into a digital form.


When it comes to small and medium businesses, information is the number one resource a company needs in order to thrive and prosper. This data can refer to any number of things, from analytics regarding the performance of a company to data involving customer interests and activities.

While data gathering does sound like an easy, one-man job it is worthwhile to mention that data gathering can be done in a number of different ways. Conducting social media surveys, providing free WiFi and observing clients’ behavior are just some of the many time-consuming methods used to obtain information.

While having many different methods to achieve your goal is a good thing, wasting enormous amounts of time that you could use on something more productive isn’t. This is where automation comes to save the day.

The entire process of gathering data by any method can be automated by using various software solutions which will help you to not just obtain the data, but also organize it and analyze it with greater efficiency which will enable your employees to be far more productive.


To conclude, utilizing powerful automation solutions to streamline numerous processes in your company will enable your whole staff to invest their time in being productive when it comes to some more strategic tasks, which will guarantee your business’s rapid growth as well as smarter business decisions.

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