How You Can Benefit from Being a DiCentral Trading Partner

DiCentral is one of the world’s leaders in EDI and supply chain solutions. Those who sign up for their services can become a DiCentral trading partner, which brings with it a number of important benefits. Their platform is fully cloud-based and provides all partners, whether they are a multinational conglomerate or a small one man startup operation, with the expertise and tools they need to be successful.


The Benefits of Being a DiCentral Trading Partner


One of the most important elements of the DiCentral solutions is that their technology is proprietary. What this means is that no element of it is outsourced to external agencies. This provides clients with the security of knowing their system will always be fit for purpose and that it can scale with them, implementing necessary changes as and when required.


Not just that, but the system is capable of full integration with over 100 different accounting systems, WMS, and ERP. This means that businesses can continue to work with their various external partners, regardless of what system they may use. Their entire supply chain can be streamlined in an instant, which ensures a tremendous return on investment. Indeed, EDI solutions also reduce the chance of human error as data is processed automatically. This further increases profitability by reducing human error and increasing speed and efficiency.


DiCentral prides itself on building connections. Regardless of the original system, the type of business, and what industry they work in, they can all connect through their ever-expanding network of trading partners. Their community has grown exponentially over the years, which further enhances the opportunity for businesses to be successful, as they can network with other industry experts. Furthermore, since DiCentral now processes millions of transactions each and every year, they are also guaranteed their security and efficiency.


Examples of Trading Partners


Because DiCentral has grown so tremendously over the years, they have also built a significant network of trading partners across a range of industries. Those include:


  • The healthcare industry, where 100% supplier automation can be achieved. Doing so within the healthcare industry is incredibly complex, as hospitals are in the business of care, rather than money.
  • The manufacturing and CPG industry, were the system ensures immediate compliance with complex EDI requirements, while at the same time ensuring the data can be fully integrated into the back office or ERP system.
  • The retail industry, where the supply chain can be rendered far more efficient because it allows for collaboration between the different agents involved.
  • 3PL and distribution, where customer service can be improved and the business can become more scalable because product movement is more transparent and all EDI data can be processed efficiently.
  • The automotive industry, where all data can be made available on time at the right time and to the right people.


Clearly, EDI solutions and becoming a trading partner with DiCentral is a great way to ensure your business runs more efficiently and becomes more profitable overall.

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