How You Can Become a Better Leader for Your Business

In today’s somewhat fragmented work environment, business leaders face a host of challenges, not the least of which is to harness their own power to empower others. Leadership is a privilege, not a right; great leadership takes courage, determination and practice. Fine-tune your skills with these simple tips and both your employees and your business will reap the benefits.

Get to know your team

Happy employees are at the heart of any successful business and connecting with them on a personal level builds trust and camaraderie and strengthens relationships. Getting to know their perspectives, goals and interests will also exhibit your leadership skills and make for a more cohesive work environment.

Share the bigger picture

Yes, employees are often at the ‘coal face’ of the business, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be privy to long-term company strategies and part of high-level decision-making. Sharing visions and goals for the future will increase confidence levels and allow them to understand the importance of their own role in the business.

Clearly communicate

Providing clear direction and keeping employees fully informed about deadlines and priorities will exhibit your decisiveness and build your credibility. And take note of how you’re communicating. Using cautious language or sarcasm is a sure-fire way to decrease trust.

Practice patience

Fostering a confident, pro-active team takes time. When situations turn a little sticky, avoid being reactionary or emotional. Take some time to reflect on the issue, consider all possible angles and aim to respond in an informed and respectful manner.

Be a mentor

Encouraging your staff to work towards leadership positions makes smart business sense. Providing them with autonomy and allowing them to execute their own solutions will also show respect, foster their ingenuity and help them to develop professionally.

Look after you

Adequate sleep, a healthy diet and moderate exercise can have a profound effect on an individual’s performance levels and is not only empowering, it shows your employees that you embrace work-life balance and a positive lifestyle.

Realise you are still learning

Staying grounded, avoiding arrogant behaviour and focusing on improving the lives of your employees will keep your reactions realistic and could transform your organisation.

Although the prospect of leading a team can be daunting, there are an abundance of resources out there that can help. HR consulting services like those provided by Chandler Macleod can assist with unleashing your leadership potential by providing you with services that can enable you to find the right person/job/environment fit. And once the right employees are in place, it will be your time to shine.

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