How to Make Your 1 Man Business Look Like an Empire

There’s nothing wrong with having a 1 man business if it’s working for you. However, you can usually land much bigger, more impressive clients by making them believe you’re bigger than you are. There’s nothing wrong with this; many small businesses do it to ensure they get big clients who will stick with them. These pointers should help you.


Give Yourself a Lesser Title


The way to go is not calling yourself the CEO, or anything even remotely similar. Give yourself a lesser title to make people believe there are multiple people running the company. If you avoid having your title printed on anything, you can change it as and when you like depending on who you’re speaking to. You could call yourself anything you like, depending on what suits the situation!


Use a Professional Phone Number


If you’re calling people from a landline or mobile number, it isn’t going to look very professional at all. Use a professional phone number instead to give yourself more credibility. You can simply pay for a service that allows you to call people on your existing phone, but will appear on the receiver’s phone as a business number.


Rent an Address in a Big City (or Multiple Big Cities)


It’s OK if you work in your bedroom, but you can’t exactly send and receive mail to your home address. Instead, rent an address in a big city, or multiple big cities if you want to look huge. Pay for a PO box address or two and nobody will ever know that you operate from home.


Hire a Virtual Assistant


If you have a virtual assistant, not only will you have more free time to spend on your business, it’ll look as if you have hired administrative staff. This will help you convert more of those calls into sales while you spend time on your projects.


Invest in a Professional Website


A poor looking website isn’t going to make you look very professional at all. If there’s one thing you should invest in, it’s a professional looking website. Make sure you find the right designer by reading reviews and asking appropriate questions. Your website should not only take SEO into account, but the user’s experience on your site too. Keep your site updated with new content and your audience will keep returning!


Create a Company Email Address


Emailing from the address you’ve had since you were 12 is not going to look great, explain Today’s Growth Consultant. Create a new one just for business!


Have a Logo Designed


Design a simple logo that looks professional for you to have printed on business materials such as cards and mugs.


Design Impressive Business Cards


Impressive business cards are a must, as this marketing tool never goes out of fashion. Make sure yours are unique by picking a metallic finish or embossed lettering, for example.


By making your business look bigger with these tips, you’ll secure much bigger clients. Then all you need to do is focus on keeping them!


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