How To Find And Hire The Best Drivers For Your Business

Driving is essential to many small businesses. You may need to employ delivery drivers or transporters. If you have your sights set on a taxi or limo company, you’ll definitely need great drivers. So, how exactly do you ensure you’ve got the very best behind the wheel?


It’s really important that you take your time and find good drivers. While out on the road, they are representing your company. They are the face of your business and project your image. Not only that, but the skill of your drivers is reflected in your insurance quotes. If you want to keep your Insure Fleet premium down, you need to hire the best. Here’s how.


Be proactive – Many small businesses fall into the trap of hiring their friends or acquaintances. Plenty of people have some experience with a van or large vehicle. This does not automatically make them a good candidate for the job. Be proactive about your search. Speak to agencies and look for experienced, qualified drivers. Speak to other businesses and get recommendations. Don’t settle for the first applicant. Set a standard and look for it.


Monitor online reputation – These days, online reviews and reputation are your bible. They can make or break your business. Look for drivers with favourable reviews. Look too for companies with a strong reputation for drivers and deliveries. Then headhunt the good drivers. When it comes to taxis, deliveries and any driving jobs, reviews are online for all to see. You need to keep yours in check by hiring the best.


Check driving records and experience. – When assessing your candidates, look for those with clean records. Any history of speeding or driving offenses should be a black mark for you. As we mentioned, a clean license and good experience lowers your insurance quotes. It also gives you peace of mind that your drivers are safe and responsible out on the road. When they’re projecting your name and brand, that’s highly important.


Train them regularly – Once you’ve hired great drivers, it doesn’t stop there. You should look to provide regular training and improvement sessions. Introduce them to new technology and train them to use it effectively. Constantly look to improve their performance. They will appreciate this as much as you will. Many companies are now investing in customer service training for delivery drivers. This ensures a professional look for your company. Your customer service needs to extend to every aspect of your business.


Monitor performance – In addition to regular training, you should monitor their performance. You can do this with GPS trackers and monitoring mileage and vehicle condition. Make sure they are taking the most productive routes and cutting down times wherever possible. Ensure that they are taking proactive steps to keep the vehicle in good condition. Are they over-exerting the brakes or the engine, for example?


Taking steps to hire the best drivers will seriously improve your business. It will extend professionality to every corner of the company. It will provide better customer service and increase productivity. You can’t afford to take the simple route here. Actively go out and find the best! Good luck!


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