How to Create a Perfect Employee

When you hire a person you do so because you feel that they’re the best person for a specific role within your company. They offer a range of skills that tick all the boxes in terms of what you need from a candidate and when you meet them in an interview they come across as the kind of person you want to work in your company because of their attitude and views on taking the company forward.


Unfortunately not every employee turns out to be the ideal person for the job and you end up having to either let them go or hiring somebody else to work with or even above that person in order to combine their skills and get the ‘perfect’ employee if there is such a thing.


Speciliast recruitment companies like www.lucas-blake.com are able to find candidates and put them forward to companies for interviews but it’s often only once they’ve signed the contract that you start to see their true value. Even if they don’t immediately look like they’re ticking every box you need them to, there isn’t always the need to tear up the agreement or to find somebody else; as there are methods of training which you can implement to turn them into the right person for your company.


With your own brand values and company ethos, finding someone who is 100% of what you’re looking for is never going to happen but you can mold them into what you want them to be, especially if they’re open-minded enough and keen enough to develop and grow internally, eventually becoming one of the most crucial people in your company.


One such way is to provide regular in-house training sessions with either existing employees or through external assistance. By encouraging your members of staff to train each other, you build up a rapport inside the office and people can then gain first-hand experience in certain processes and systems learning in the way your company wants them to. Passing on experience from one team member to another is the best way to bring people up within the company the right way, sharing knowledge and informing people on how to perform certain tasks the ‘right’ way, rather than learning any bad habits.
Another method is to sign each employee up for online training sessions in programmes relevant to the industry or specific sector. These sessions provided by leaders in the industry can be highly beneficial in educating staff members on the latest processes and ways to develop their own set of skills.

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