How Tatiana Regan Saves Her Money

For as long as I can remember I have been terrible with money, both in terms of spending and saving my money. My friend Tatiana Regan on the other hand, is the one person that I know who is always smart with her money and although we work in the same job and earn the same salary, she always seems to be in a better position than I am. I wanted to find out how she is able to be so disciplined with her cash so I asked her what her tricks were. Tatiana Regan gave me the following tips and perhaps they can help you as well.


10 Second Rule


Tatiana Regan concedes that this may sound bizarre but when it comes to spending she has a trick called the 10 second rule which she uses. She tells me that what you need to do is whenever you are in a store and you pick something up which you want to buy, hold it in your hand for 10 seconds and seriously this about whether or not you need this product. She tells me that in most cases she will end up putting the product back on the shelf.


Tracking Spends


Another great tip which Tatiana gave me was to track your spending through an app. She tells me that the app which she uses is very good and that she only needs to scan her receipt after she has spent any money, or update the expenditure and then every month she can see a clear breakdown of her spending. What this means is that she is able to see exactly where she has spent her money, so that she can try to avoid doing the same thing the next month. As Tatiana Regan will often tell me, you can’t fix your spending when you don’t know what you are spending your money on.




Tatiana was always taught to have savings and what she does which I certainly don’t is to allocate a certain amount each month to her savings, which she considers as a non-negotiable like rent or bills. Having this discipline means that she not only reduces how much money she has to spend each month, it also makes sure that she always has some savings which she can rely on if needed.


Bulk Buying


Another tip which she shared with me was to buy in bulk for your groceries and she often goes to somewhere like Costco where she can stock up. Every 3 months or so she will buy her detergent, washing up liquid, toiletries and many other items in this way, which saves her a lot of money in the long run. I usually buy sporadically whenever I need something and in doing this I am spending far more than I need to. The key here is to plan ahead and bulk buy when you can, in order to take off the pressure of your monthly spends.

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