Global Bodyguard Protection Services Practiced Around the World

Every country has people who need executive protection services; politicians, celebrities, reporters, you name it. Bodyguard protection services are therefore offered around the world in order to accommodate those who need it. The exact service offerings differ from agency to agency, however there are standard global bodyguard protection services that every individual or agency should offer in order to provide maximum security for the client.

Traditional Bodyguard Protection

This is the obvious service that all close protection officers will provide their clients with.This is the traditional bodyguard service which entails being that person’s entourage and offering VIP protection. This service provides the client with “close, active protection” and serves three purposes:

  • Proactive security – the mere sight of a bodyguard will deter people with malicious intentions.
  • Defensive security – the bodyguard will defend the client against any threats or attacks.
  • Reactive security – the bodyguard will react quickly during and after an emergency for effective damage control.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the duties of a bodyguard in order to respect the service they provide and to realise that they are not there to babysit you, but rather to protect.

Home Security Assessments

Another service that should be offered around the world includes home security assessments; this can also be hotel, venue or restaurant security assessments. The bodyguard team or individual from the protection agency will conduct an audit of any premises where the client will be, especially their home, and make security adjustments where necessary.

Travel Advisories

A bodyguard agency should also offer travel advisory services. This means that wherever the client is going to be travelling to, they should be advised on the safest mode of transport andthe route that presents the least risk.Therefore, it is sometimes advised to get input from a local agency, operating in the area that the client is travelling to, in order to understand the local threats and climate. A local bodyguard is much better equipped to offer local security advisory assistance, as they are familiar with the area and better able to mitigate risks.

Other services provided by dynamic bodyguard agencies, which offer executive protection services include security driving, elite guarding and family assistance.


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