Ford Transit: For Every Business

The Ford Transit is about performing a variety of functions for just about every business you can think of. The American small business is changing all the time. Regardless of the industry of the utility required, American small businesses are being forced to become increasingly mobile and responsive. Much of this is due to the internet, which exposes consumers to so many options. Only the intensely available, competent, and attractive will survive and thrive. The Transit helps this transformation into the small business of tomorrow.

It does this a variety of ways. For one, it’s scalable to the needs of individual businesses. In the video ad series, four different businesses are profiled. They’re all in different industries (household repair, industrial plumbing, outdoor adventure, amusement park operation), but the Transit scales to meet all of their needs. The Transit isn’t one size fits all. It comes in a variety of lengths and heights, with different interiors that promote everything from fine-tuned organizational storage to comfortable seating and passenger capacity. The Transit is even powerful enough to pull trailers if cargo is too much or oddly shaped to fit in a cargo vehicle.

The Transit is also attractive and modern in its external design. In the video series, you’ll see how different businesses made the Transit their own, displaying their logo and branding materials on the outside in a way that makes each one look unique and different. It’s a cargo vehicle that doesn’t scream “Cargo vehicle”. Each one becomes a mobile business, able to show up in a professional way, setting up shop wherever and however is necessary. The new Transit is an improvement to every aspect of the traditional cargo van, and it’s one that you’re going to see a lot more of on this country’s highways and byways, as a new generation of small business owner expands their businesses using its unique capabilities.

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