5 Best Finance Apps for windows phone

Thanks to the increasing popularity of iOS as well as Android, there has been a gradual decrease of the number of Windows Phone users. Although, as compared to Android and iOS, you might not get many apps, but still there are useful apps which are related to various categories for your Windows Phone. As you read the following article, you get to know about the best finance apps for Windows Phone.



PayPal stands out to be the best and sophisticated way of sending and receiving money online. It has its own official app for Windows Phone. If in case you use PayPal for making your transactions, then it is important for you to install the official PayPal for your Windows phone.

The best thing about this app is that it is totally free and it equally enables you to check the PayPal balance. Another thing is that since PayPal is supported on majority of shopping websites, therefore you can equally use the app in your Windows Phone and in this way you can purchase your favorite stuff as well.

My Expenses

If you are spending a lot, then it will have a direct effect on your monthly savings. If you are facing such an issue, then the best you can do for yourself is to install this app. In this way, you can effectively sync your bank accounts; thereby you will be able to effectively keep a track of your outgoing as well as incoming money. In short you will be able to keep a track of your transactions.

It is also advisable for you to set the budget so that you do not exceed your limits. Another equally great thing is that the information which you save here is complete safe and you do not have to worry even an inch in the process as well. Great isn’t it?


If you are passionate about investing money online, then you require to be updated with the latest tends of stock market. It can be done as you install the app on your prized Windows phone. Thereby, you will be able to arm yourself with the latest and current happenings which are going in the stock market. Thanks to the push notification, you will be armed with the updated stock news in your coveted Windows Phone’s screen.

Currency Exchanger

If you are dealing with the currencies of different nations, then the app is highly useful for you. Since the app helps you in being updated with the latest currency conversion rates. The task turns out to be quite easy as you install Currency Exchanger app. Thanks to the large database of the app, it has the enriching support of all currencies and the conversion rates indeed keeps on updating on timely basis as well.

ATM Hunter

As and when you need money, you can use the app in tracking the nearest ATM hunter. Finally, these are the 5 Best Finance Apps for windows phone,which will ease you a lot in your finances. 

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