Your Business Cannot Afford to Ignore Medical and Legal Ramifications

To this day, you cannot watch a rerun of Andy Griffith on TVLand without hearing something about mesothelioma. No, mesothelioma is not the soup of the day at that trendy, new greek restaurant down the street. According to the Mac dictionary, it is a cancer of mesothelial tissue, associated especially with exposure to asbestos. It is not important that you know anything about mesothelial tissue. What matters is the only known way to get this cancer is through asbestos. That means that it is a cancer produced and propagated solely by the pursuit of industry.

Mesothelioma is what happens when industry ignores the medical and legal ramifications of its actions. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was once added to a number of products for the purpose of strengthening, heat insulation, and fire resistance. It can only be identified with a special type of microscope.

This super-fiber must have fired the imagination of industrialists. They conceived of all manner of interesting and profitable uses for asbestos. They wanted to put asbestos in every home, and did their best to do just that. One would like to think that it just never occurred to them to consider the possible harm it could do to people. The alternative is that they knew, and simply ignored it for the sake of profit.

Unfortunately, the evidence points to the latter. The first documented asbestos related death was in 1906. Researchers were able to positively identify the cause of death for many asbestos workers to be the asbestos itself. This was back in 1934.

Attorneys seeking damages for their clients victimized by industrial greed are not being mean to industrialists who didn’t know the dangers of their products. Industrialists simply ignored the human cost all the way to the bank. They can never compensate for the unnecessary loss of life at their hands.

If you, or someone you know suffers from the effects of asbestos, and are thinking about starting a lawsuit for mesothelioma exposure, there are a few things you need to know:

Don’t Delay

Even if you have just been diagnosed with mesothelioma and are at the beginning of your treatment, you should get started with your legal case right away. The law offices of Baron and Budd offer four reasons for starting as soon as possible:

First, the law also provides a limited amount of time for filing a lawsuit…

Second, the sooner you act, the sooner you might receive compensation that could help with your medical bills and financial needs…

Third, under the laws of some states, if someone with mesothelioma dies before the case is concluded, the case could face significant delays.

Fourth, you are the best witness in your case, and it is important to preserve your testimony about your asbestos exposure history.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Legal Services

I can’t say with certainty that there are no lawyers who charge for representing a sufferer of mesothelioma. But such an attorney would be in rare company. As with personal injury, attorneys generally make their money as a percentage of what they can get for you. If they cannot get any compensation for you, they take no compensation.

You Have a Strong Case Even If You Do Not Know How You Contracted the Disease

When and where were you exposed to asbestos? Don’t know? That is not a problem. While your attorney of choice may be able to help you recall when exposure was likely, it simply does not make the slightest difference to the strength of your case. There is only one way to get mesothelioma, and that is through asbestos exposure.

Asbestos poisoning is just one example of how industry grabbed profit by taking a shortcut through human life and well-being. When industry first learned about radioactivity, they used radioactive material in every consumer product they could think of. It was in everything from chocolate to toothpaste. They never stopped to consider if it might be harmful.

While regulators and consumer watchdog groups do their best to keep an eye out for dangers, it is up to corporations to decide to do the right thing. The cost for doing the wrong thing is more than legal expenses. It is measured in human lives.

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