Use the Christmas Period to Breathe New Life into Your Work Place with Office Flooring

With Christmas just around the corner, many businesses are already making plans for winding down and preparing for the year ahead. A new year often signals a new start, and what better way to mark the occasion than by giving your office a makeover?

As well as redecorating and purchasing new furniture, you will need to think about commercial flooring. When your organisation takes a well-earned break this year, expert fitters could be reinvigorating your workplace for improved employee motivation and morale.

Give the gift of carpet this Christmas

If you want to create a comforting, warm ambience in your office, carpet is probably the best option. Not only is it a great insulator, it muffles footsteps and absorbs the constant chatter that goes hand in hand with office work. There are some very durable carpets and carpet tiles on the market now, and many of them have anti-stain properties that keep them looking fresh and presentable for years. Fit carpets in rest areas for the comfort of your employees, and in areas where staff spend a lot of time on their feet or at their desks.

See in the New Year with a real wood floor

If you want to create a premium look in your office, the luxurious and natural properties of real wood make it ideal. Wood is easier to clean and maintain than carpet, and if sealed in the correct way, it lasts far longer. Not only that, installing a cherry, ash, maple or oak floor in your premises has the potential to visually transform it overnight. The look and smell of real wood is ideally suited to areas that are open to the public. They tell customers that your business takes standards and quality very seriously – and they deliver an aesthetic that just isn’t possible to achieve with other types of flooring.

Cut the cost of commercial flooring this Christmas with Laminate

If you want the look of a real wood floor without the price-tag, laminate could be the best option. Available in several colours, including various wood-effect options, laminate can be laid relatively quickly and maintained without too much fuss or expense. Although a little noisy underfoot, it’s a great option if you’re looking for something that won’t degrade over time. More importantly, it looks like real wood but is far more resistant to scrapes, chips and scuffs.

The advantages of fitting a new floor during the Christmas period

If your office is like thousands up and down the country, it will probably wind down for the festive period a few days before the day itself. This represents a fantastic opportunity to give your business and your staff a lift with a seasonal makeover in readiness for the coming year. Leading carpet suppliers with their own teams of expert fitters work throughout December – getting offices ready for a new year of success and prosperity. In many cases, hydraulic lifting equipment is used, so you and your team don’t have to worry about packing away furniture and equipment before you head off for a well-earned Christmas break.

Anyone who has ever returned to work after a Christmas break will know just how deflating the experience can be. However, if your employees return to their desks to find a professionally fitted carpet and a newly refurbished office awaiting them, that could make all the difference in terms of morale and motivation. If you buy your staff one gift this Christmas, make it a festive office makeover with a floor covering that combines functionality, aesthetic appeal and comfort.

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